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Top Technology Products from CES 2022

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The huge, American-based technology show CES has changed in recent years because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Last year, an online version of the event was held for the first time.

This year, the physical show returned to Las Vegas, Nevada. But the number of attendees decreased by about 70 percent. In addition, several major technology companies suddenly decided to pull out, The Associated Press reported.

CES is produced by the Consumer Technology Association. It is known as the place where many companies launch their latest technology offerings. Here is a look at some of the top products presented at CES 2022.

Foldable laptop

Taiwanese computer maker ASUS announced the launch of a foldable laptop computer. It is called the Zenbook 17 Fold. While several companies have already launched foldable versions of phones, the idea has not yet caught on with laptop computers.

The company says its new device is a powerful personal computer, or PC, with a high-quality OLED display that is about 44 centimeters across. But it folds down to about 32 centimeters for easier transport.

AirSelfie camera

Electronics maker AirSelfie launched its latest self-flying camera designed to take “selfie” pictures. The new device, called Air Pix, is a small, light camera that flies through the air and captures high-quality photographs and video. A video on the company’s website explains that Air Pix can fly, frame and take pictures all by itself before landing back on the user’s hand.

All-in-one communication

Technology company Anker announced the launch of an “all-in-one” device designed to improve communications for employees working from home. The AnkerWork B600 sits on top of the computer display like a traditional webcam. But it combines several elements of communication into one device that includes a camera, speaker, microphone and a light.

Robotic Wi-Fi router

TP-Link showed off a new Wi-Fi router that the company says uses robotic antennas to find and lock onto the best wireless signals to improve internet speeds and performance. Images of the Archer AXE200 Omni device show its motorized antennas rising, falling and changing positions in search of strong signals.

Labrador’s assistive robot

Robot maker Labrador announced the launch of its Retriever robot. CES has historically been known to present different kinds of robots, including many designed to look and act like people or animals. But Labrador says its Retriever robot was designed to be truly useful in helping those who need assistance at home.

The small, self-driving machine is designed to hold things and, as its name suggests, also retrieve things. The robot can be controlled by voice commands or from an app on a phone. It can also be programmed based on an exact map of a user’s home. The company says the Retriever is designed “to serve as an extra pair of hands and lighten the load of everyday tasks in the home.”

Samsung Odyssey Ark

South Korean electronics maker Samsung is known for announcing major new products at CES. Many involve bigger television sets with new abilities. This year, the company presented several new computer displays meant to serve people who play video games, known as gamers.

One of them, called the Odyssey Ark, has a curved design and measures nearly 140 centimeters. Samsung demonstrated how the huge display can also be turned on its side, to curve right above the user’s head for a more intense gaming experience.

Self-driving tractor

American-based farm equipment manufacturer John Deere presented a fully self-driving tractor. The company says the vehicle is equipped with six different cameras and a series of sensors to guide the tractor through the fields. Farmers can control the vehicle and see the tractor’s progress in real-time through a mobile device. John Deere says the idea is to help farmers do more work with less equipment and people.

The company noted that such machines can help improve farming methods as the world's population grows and food demand is expected to rise 50 percent by 2050.

I’m Bryan Lynn.

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Words in This Story

fold – v. to bend something so that one part of it lies flat on top of another part

display – n. a device that shows information from a computer

frame – v. to form an edge to something in a pleasing way

router – n. a piece of electronic equipment that connects computer networks to each other

antenna – n. a device used to send or receive communications signals

retrieve – v. to get something

task – n. a piece of work, especially something unpleasant or difficult

curve – n. a line that bends around like part of a circle

tractor – n. a strong vehicle with large back wheels used on farms

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