Virtual worlds apart

Paul Roquet’s new book traces the very different trajectories of virtual reality in the U.S. and Japan.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office • mit
today ~6 min

German Woman Uses Horse Power to Save Fuel Money

VOA Learning English • voa
yesterday ~2 min

US Agency Predicts Busy Hurricane Season

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yesterday ~4 min

China Seeks Cooperation Deal with 10 Pacific Island Nations

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yesterday ~5 min

Texas Gunman Locked Classroom, Shot Students, Teachers

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yesterday ~5 min

Free Google AI Tool Aims to Improve Job Interview Skills

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yesterday ~5 min

Wristband tracks firefighters’ chemical exposure

Cheap silicone wristbands can track firefighters' exposure to cancer-causing chemicals, such as PFAS, phthalates, and flame retardants.

Tim Lucas-Duke • futurity
yesterday ~5 min

How the universe got its magnetic field

By studying the dynamics of plasma turbulence, MIT researchers are helping to solve one of the mysteries of the origins of cosmological magnetic fields.

Martin Greenwald | Plasma Science and Fusion Center • mit
yesterday ~8 min

Is diversity the key to collaboration? New AI research suggests so

A new training approach yields artificial intelligence that adapts to diverse play-styles in a cooperative game, in what could be a win for human-AI teaming.

Kylie Foy | MIT Lincoln Laboratory • mit
yesterday ~8 min

Toward customizable timber, grown in a lab

Researchers show they can control the properties of lab-grown plant material, which could enable the production of wood products with little waste.

Adam Zewe | MIT News Office • mit
yesterday ~7 min