Job Market Is Better than One Year Ago for New College Graduates

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today ~7 min

Don't Get Caught in a 'Whirlwind'

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More Information about Little-Known Venus

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yesterday ~5 min

Fighting climate change means taking laughing gas seriously

Agriculture researchers seek ways to reduce nitrous oxide’s impact on warming

Ula Chrobak • knowable
yesterday ~12 min

Team finds earliest signs of humans changing ecosystems with fire

The evidence "shows early people, over a long period of time, took control over their environment rather than being controlled by it."

Mike Cummings-Yale • futurity
yesterday ~8 min

How cables in glaciers could help forecast future sea level rise

New research shows how fibre-optic cables can monitor the hidden structure of glaciers, teaching us about past and future ice flow.

Adam Booth, Associate Professor in Applied Geophysics, School of Earth and Environment, University of Leeds • conversation
yesterday ~7 min

China prepares to land its Zhurong rover on Mars

The six-wheeled robot is ready to make the hazardous descent to the surface of the Red Planet.

yesterday ~3 min

Flat pasta morphs shape when cooked

The iconic shapes of pasta can make it hard to package and transport. Flat pasta that only forms shapes when cooked takes care of the problem.

Aaron Aupperlee-Carnegie Mellon • futurity
yesterday ~4 min

Waves shed light on mysterious ‘mixing’ inside huge stars

Researchers have used "asteroseismology" to examine the hidden mixing processes inside massive stars, known as the chemical factories of the universe.

Harrison Tasoff-UC Santa Barbara • futurity
yesterday ~8 min

Tepary bean genes could climate-proof key protein

"Mother nature has already made plants that are adapted to different climates. We can use that knowledge to adapt our modern agriculture..."

Michigan State • futurity
yesterday ~4 min