Bilingual people with language loss due to stroke can pose a treatment challenge – computational modeling may help clinicians treat them

Computational modeling can predict language therapy response in bilingual people with aphasia. In the future, this could help clinicians identify the best language for treatment.

Claudia Peñaloza, Researcher, Aphasia Research Laboratory, Boston University • conversation
Aug. 31, 2021 ~5 min

How does being bilingual affect your brain? It depends on how you use language

Why the benefits of bilingualism aren't consistent.

Vincent DeLuca, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, School of Psychology, University of Birmingham • conversation
Oct. 6, 2020 ~6 min

Mixed early progress highlights need for sustained support for pupils with English as an additional language

Newly-arrived pupils who speak English as an additional language (EAL) often make ‘mixed’ linguistic and academic progress during their first years in British

Cambridge University News • cambridge
July 16, 2020 ~6 min