Less scatterbrained scatterplots

Large datasets are difficult to depict as scatterplots — but that may change with a new CSAIL project for creating interactive visualizations.

Adam Conner-Simons | MIT CSAIL • mit
Oct. 7, 2020 ~3 min

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3 questions to ask yourself next time you see a graph, chart or map

Visualizations can help you understand data better – but they can also confuse or mislead. Here, some tips on what to watch out for.

Carson MacPherson-Krutsky, PhD Candidate in Geosciences, Boise State University • conversation
July 24, 2020 ~8 min

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Alumni fight COVID-19 battle on many fronts

The Gazette asked alumni who are engaged in the battle against the novel coronavirus to share their experiences and how their work has radically changed.

Harvard Gazette • harvard
May 12, 2020 ~17 min

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Academics without borders | MIT News

Senseable City Lab visualizes 20 years of data to show how students, faculty, and scholars join MIT from all over the world.

School of Architecture and Planning • mit
June 14, 2017 ~3 min

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Real estate innovation by the numbers | MIT News

Real Estate Innovation Lab to promote the future of urban development by showing investors how it can work.

School of Architecture and Planning • mit
Nov. 3, 2016 ~8 min

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Mapping coal’s decline and renewables' rise | MIT News

CoalMap online tool shows what policy regulations and technological advancements can do for the cost-competitiveness of solar and wind energy.

Francesca McCaffrey | MIT Energy Initiative • mit
June 22, 2016 ~6 min

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How to make better visualizations | MIT News

Eye-tracking research reveals which types of visuals actually get the message across.

Adam Conner-Simons | CSAIL • mit
Nov. 5, 2015 ~7 min

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