Building a framework for remote making

A decision-making framework and wiki for students developed by MIT Project Manus and MIT Environment, Health and Safety enables safe making from home.

Mary Beth Gallagher | Department of Mechanical Engineering • mit
June 17, 2020 ~9 min

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Maker Break: A celebration of making at MIT | MIT News

Over 700 students and makers joined in the first annual participatory showcase of fabrication and crafts around the Institute.

Terri Park | MIT Innovation Initiative • mit
May 4, 2018 ~5 min

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Startup aims to democratize synthetic biology | MIT News

Alumna’s mini-lab kits include all necessary tools and materials for anyone to start engineering microbes.

Rob Matheson | MIT News Office • mit
April 18, 2018 ~9 min

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Jerry Akinsulire: The making of a maker mentor | MIT News

Undergraduate Olorunsola “Jerry” Akinsulire spearheads a new builder space in the Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering.

Leda Zimmerman | Department of Nuclear Science and Engineering • mit
Oct. 26, 2017 ~6 min

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Taking The Engine for a test drive | MIT News

A group of MIT students gets a look under the hood.

Meg Murphy | School of Engineering • mit
Aug. 18, 2017 ~6 min

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Featured video: Making medallions | MIT News

Students create bronze medallions of the MIT seal for new graduates of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

MIT News Office • mit
June 6, 2017 ~1 min

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Making 3-D printing as simple as printing on paper | MIT News

Startup’s cloud-based system allows for project queuing by multiple users and automated part removal.

Rob Matheson | MIT News Office • mit
May 4, 2017 ~9 min

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MIT Libraries and MIT MakerWorkshop launch Equipment to Go | MIT News

Pilot program lends tools to makers across the MIT community.

Brigham Fay | MIT Libraries • mit
March 9, 2017 ~4 min

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Adding hands-on practice to science and engineering classes | MIT News

A new advising seminar incorporates making and other types of hands-on learning to enhance first-year required courses.

Elizabeth Durant | Office of the Dean for Undergraduate Education • mit
Jan. 30, 2017 ~9 min

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At home in Hong Kong | MIT News

Growing MIT presence in the region energizes students, faculty, and alumni.

Meg Murphy | School of Engineering • mit
Dec. 13, 2016 ~7 min

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