Russian anti-satellite weapon test: What happened and what are the risks?

Russia destroyed one of its old satellites during a successful test of an anti-satellite weapon. A space security expert explains what this weapon was and the dangers of the expanding debris field.

Wendy Whitman Cobb, Professor of Strategy and Security Studies, US Air Force School of Advanced Air and Space Studies • conversation
Nov. 16, 2021 ~8 min

If a satellite falls on your house, space law protects you – but there are no legal penalties for leaving junk in orbit

Chances are small that space junk will destroy property or harm a person, and existing space law could deal with such an event. But current law doesn't address the bigger problem of space pollution.

Timiebi Aganaba, Assistant Professor of Space and Society, Arizona State University • conversation
May 17, 2021 ~9 min

Thousands more satellites will soon orbit Earth – we need better rules to prevent space crashes

The shift toward mega-constellations is a challenge for global space governance.

Lauren Napier, PhD Researcher in Space Law and Policy, Northumbria University, Newcastle • conversation
Jan. 28, 2021 ~7 min

A 4G network on the Moon is bad news for radio astronomy

Radio telescopes are incredibly sensitive to phone network interference.

Emma Alexander, PhD Candidate in Astrophysics, University of Manchester • conversation
Oct. 23, 2020 ~6 min