Europe’s first syphilis outbreak may predate Columbus’ voyage

A major hypothesis holds that Christopher Columbus and his crew brought syphilis back to Europe. But new evidence suggests it was already there.

U. Zurich • futurity
Aug. 19, 2020 ~6 min

Contact tracing's long, turbulent history holds lessons for COVID-19

Trust in the confidentiality of contact tracing broke down during the AIDS epidemic. Today, it's faltering again.

Ronald Bayer, Professor Sociomedical Sciences, Columbia University • conversation
July 16, 2020 ~10 min

Syphilis alters just 1 gene to evade immune attack

To stay a step ahead of the immune system and resist eradication, syphilis shuffles DNA in and out of a single gene, a new study shows.

Leila Gray-UW • futurity
April 27, 2020 ~7 min