It's time for states that grew rich from oil, gas and coal to figure out what's next

The pandemic recession has reduced US energy demand, roiling budgets in states that are major fossil fuel producers. But politics and culture can impede efforts to look beyond oil, gas and coal.

Morgan Bazilian, Professor of Public Policy and Director, Payne Institute, Colorado School of Mines • conversation
Sept. 23, 2020 ~10 min

Tags: covid-19 fossil-fuels alaska oil coal natural-gas energy-prices fossil-fuel-industry wyoming texas north-dakota coronavirus-recession just-transitions state-budgets

'Mission Jurassic' fossil dinosaur dig closes for winter

Three full truck loads of dinosaur fossils ship out as scientists end their excavation season.

By Jonathan Amos • bbcnews
Sept. 2, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: geology dinosaurs fossils wyoming

'Mission Jurassic' dinosaur hunt to get under way

British scientists are about to participate in one of their biggest dinosaur hunts in decades.

By Jonathan Amos • bbcnews
March 25, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: geology london dinosaurs fossils palaeontology wyoming manchester university-of-manchester

Polar bears fail to adapt to lack of food in warmer Arctic - BBC News

Polar bears are unable to adapt their behaviour to cope with the food losses associated with warmer summers in the Arctic.

By Matt McGrath • bbcnews
July 16, 2015 ~4 min

Tags:  climate-change  conservation  arctic  wyoming

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