Grandmother killer whales boost survival of calves

The "grandmother effect" was even stronger with grandmothers that had gone through the menopause.

By Kelsey Vlamis | Dec. 9, 2019 | bbcnews
~4 mins   

Tags: evolution menopause conservation

US national parks face 'crisis' over invasive animal species

More than half of US national parks are threatened by invasive animals, like pythons and feral pigs.

By Kelsey Vlamis | Dec. 3, 2019 | bbcnews
~6 mins   

Tags: environment united-states wildlife-conservation conservation

Great auk extinction: Humans wiped out giant seabird

Extinction reconstruction with ancient DNA reveals humans were responsible for the demise of the giant, flightless great auk.

By Victoria Gill | Nov. 27, 2019 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: environment conservation extinction birds

New hope for one of world's most endangered reptiles

The discovery of baby crocodiles in a river in Nepal is raising hopes for the future of the gharial.

By Helen Briggs | Nov. 19, 2019 | bbcnews
~3 mins   

Tags: wildlife-conservation conservation crocodiles

Hunters of rare Swiss ibex stir Alps wildlife row

A Swiss region allows trophy hunters to shoot ibex, but the elusive animal remains rare in the Alps.

By Laurence Peter | Nov. 6, 2019 | bbcnews
~6 mins   

Tags: italy environment switzerland france conservation alps

Migrating Russian eagles run up huge data roaming charges

Russian scientists tracking eagles got huge SMS bills when some birds flew to Iran and Pakistan.

BBC Science News | Oct. 25, 2019 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: nature russia iran kazakhstan wildlife-conservation

National Wildlife Property Repository: The people who take care of dead animals

There are millions of creatures, flora and fauna stored at the National Wildlife Property Repository in Colorado

By Dhruti Shah | Oct. 24, 2019 | bbcnews
~7 mins   

Tags: wildlife art wildlife-conservation fashion taxidermy wildlife-trade

Southwest Atlantic humpback whales on recovery path

The population first ravaged by commercial whalers in the 1900s is almost back to where it was.

By Jonathan Amos | Oct. 15, 2019 | bbcnews
~5 mins   

Tags: atlantic-ocean conservation

Collecting polar bear footprints to map family trees

Scientists use new 'environmental DNA' technique to identify each polar bear and their relationship.

By Anne-Marie Bullock | Oct. 1, 2019 | bbcnews
~4 mins   

Tags: environment dna conservation

Bird populations 'in global crisis'

Bird populations in the US and Asia are "in crisis", according to two major studies.

By Victoria Gill | Sept. 19, 2019 | bbcnews
~5 mins   

Tags: environment indonesia united-states conservation birds

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