Rolls-Royce plans mini nuclear reactors by 2029

The firm says it plans to build up to 15 of the mini reactors, which can be delivered by a lorry.

By Roger Harrabin & Katie Prescott | Jan. 24, 2020 | bbcnews
~3 mins   

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Dubai Air Show: The challenges for us all in flying green

Sustainable, renewable and green: environmental goals the aviation industry is now grappling with.

By Russell Hotten, Sameer Hashmi, Adrienne Murray | Nov. 22, 2019 | bbcnews
~6 mins   

Tags: environment rolls-royce-holdings airbus-group air-travel aerospace sustainability dubai sustainable-living

Rolls-Royce and Boeing invest in UK space engine - BBC News

Reaction Engines Limited (REL), the UK company developing a revolutionary aerospace engine, has announced investments from both Boeing and Rolls-Royce.

By Jonathan Amos | April 12, 2018
~5 mins |

Tags:  rolls-royce-holdings  aerospace  bae-systems  boeing

Bloodhound car has jet engine fitting - BBC News

The Bloodhound Super Sonic Car has just had a key engine fitting.

By Jonathan Amos | March 25, 2015
~4 mins |

Tags:  bristol  bloodhound-ssc  rolls-royce-holdings  engineering

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