CERN: physicists report the discovery of unique new particle

The unique nature of the new particle could help us understand other, more complex mechanisms in physics that are not within our reach today.

Harry Cliff, Particle physicist, University of Cambridge • conversation
July 9, 2020 ~7 min

How can we stop people wanting to buy illegal wildlife products?

Promote new habits, find out why people engage with the wildlife trade and don't make it seem more widespread than it really is.

Diogo Veríssimo, Research Fellow in Conservation, University of Oxford • conversation
July 9, 2020 ~7 min

Tags: illegal-wildlife-trade pangolin behaviour-change consumer-choice rhino-horns

Coronavirus anti-vaxxers: one in six British people would refuse a vaccine – here's how to change their minds

Research on conspiracy theories can help people become receptive to health advice.

Darel Cookson, PhD Candidate in Psychology, Staffordshire University • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: covid-19 coronavirus anti-vaccination science-communication anti-vaxxers

Synthetic odors created by activating brain cells help neuroscientists understand how smell works

Brains recognize a smell based on which cells fire, in what order – the same way you recognize a song based on its pattern of notes. How much can you change the 'tune' and still know the smell?

Edmund Chong, Ph.D. Student in Neuroscience, New York University • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~8 min

Tags: brain neuroscience neurons brain-cells optogenetics smell senses olfactory sense-of-smell odor olfaction scents sensory-perception brain-circuitry brain-circuits olfactory-system

Why are scientists trying to manufacture organs in space?

Why are scientists trying to grow organs at the International Space Station? People live on Earth not in zero-gravity. A stem cell expert explains why it is useful to do these experiments in space.

Alysson R. Muotri, Professor of Pediatrics and Cellular and Molecular Medicine, University of California San Diego • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~5 min

Tags:  space  biology  international-space-station  artificial-organs  microgravity  space-health  organs  experiments

5 COVID-19 myths politicians have repeated that just aren't true

The purveyors of these myths, including politicians who have been soft peddling the impact of the coronavirus, aren't doing the country any favors.

Geoffrey Joyce, Director of Health Policy, USC Schaeffer Center, and Associate Professor, University of Southern California • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~8 min

Tags:  health  covid-19  coronavirus  brazil  donald-trump  herd-immunity  economy  misinformation  jair-bolsonaro  cdc  myths  denial

COVID-19 makes clear that bioethics must confront health disparities

A bioethicist argues that the problem of health disparities existed long before COVID-19 struck with a vengeance in marginalized communities.

Joseph J. Fins, The E. William Davis Jr, M.D. Professor of Medical Ethics and Professor of Medicine at Weill Cornell Medicine, Cornell University • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~8 min

Tags:  covid-19  coronavirus  health-disparities  hospitals  new-york-city  icu  bioethics  brooklyn

Street vendors make cities livelier, safer and fairer – here's why they belong on the post-COVID-19 urban scene

After trying to remove street vendors from its cities for years, China is supporting them to help jump-start its economy. An urban scholar explains why other cities should do the same.

John Rennie Short, Professor, School of Public Policy, University of Maryland, Baltimore County • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~7 min

Tags: cities covid-19 china immigrants informal-economy jobs new-york-city urban-policy farmers-markets postpandemic-future markets

From floating guts to 'sticky' blood – here's how to do surgery in space

Space agencies are seeking new ways to be prepared for a surgical emergency on a mission to Mars.

Nina Louise Purvis, Postgraduate Researcher in Space Medicine, King's College London • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~7 min

Tags: surgery mars astronauts space-exploration space-travel

Climate crisis causing families to shun farmers for arranged marriages

Climate shocks and changing weather mean that farmers' incomes are

Luiza C Campos, Associate Professor in Engineering, UCL • conversation
July 8, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: india interdisciplinarity climate-crisis farming marriage

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