Gender-affirming care has a long history in the US – and not just for transgender people

The first transgender medical clinic opened in the US in the 1960s. But cisgender and intersex children began receiving similar treatments even earlier – often without their consent.

G. Samantha Rosenthal, Associate Professor of History, Roanoke College • conversation
March 27, 2023 ~11 min

Lie detectors: body language tells us surprisingly little about whether someone is being honest

But there are other techniques professional investigators use to test the plausibility of people’s stories.

Aldert Vrij, Professor of Social Psychology, University of Portsmouth • conversation
March 27, 2023 ~7 min

ChatGPT struggles with Wordle puzzles, which says a lot about how it works

The AI chatbot ChatGPT can do many things, but its inability to solve Wordle explains parts of its programming.

Michael G. Madden, Established Professor of Computer Science, University of Galway • conversation
March 27, 2023 ~7 min

How do superconductors work? A physicist explains what it means to have resistance-free electricity

Superconductors are materials that can transmit electricity without any resistance. Researchers are getting closer to creating superconducting materials that can function in everyday life.

Mishkat Bhattacharya, Professor of Physics and Astronomy, Rochester Institute of Technology • conversation
March 24, 2023 ~6 min

3D-printing the brain's blood vessels with silicone could improve and personalize neurosurgery – new technique shows how

Organ models that more accurately capture finer details could reduce surgical error and lead to personalized implants.

Thomas Angelini, Associate Professor of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, University of Florida • conversation
March 24, 2023 ~7 min

IPCC's conservative nature masks true scale of action needed to avert catastrophic climate change

Climate models embed colonial attitudes and massive inequality.

Kevin Anderson, Professor of Energy and Climate Change, University of Manchester • conversation
March 24, 2023 ~8 min

Why elite athletes should develop mindfulness to up their game

Research is showing that players can use mindfulness techniques to improve the mental resilience required to perform at the highest level.

Jennifer Meggs, Associate Professor in Psychology, Heriot-Watt University • conversation
March 24, 2023 ~7 min

Plastic fibres stunt growth in mussels by more than a third – here's why this is a concern

A study shows that exposure to polyester microfibres inhibits growth in mussels.

Chris Walkinshaw, PhD Candidate, Plymouth Marine Laboratory • conversation
March 24, 2023 ~7 min

Four volcanic hotspots in the Solar System

Jupiter’s moon Io has more than 400 active volcanoes on its surface.

Gareth Dorrian, Post Doctoral Research Fellow in Space Science, University of Birmingham • conversation
March 23, 2023 ~7 min

People with faceblindness aren't believed by their doctors – here's what needs to change

Research shows most people who can’t even recognise their family and friends won’t get the diagnosis needed to help them.

Edwin Burns, Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Edge Hill University • conversation
March 23, 2023 ~7 min