US approves its first big offshore wind farm, near Martha's Vineyard – it’s a breakthrough for the industry

The Biden administration has a goal of getting from today's 42 megawatts of offshore wind power to nearly 30,000 by the end of the decade, but there are still obstacles ahead.

Matthew Lackner, Professor of Mechanical Engineering, University of Massachusetts Amherst • conversation
yesterday ~8 min

Plastic pollution: scientists track a cargo spill from New York to Norway, reveal how currents disperse harmful substances

Thousands of shipping containers are lost at sea each year, dispersing Lego, inkjet cartridges and rubber ducks across the world's beaches.

Andrew Turner, Associate Professor in Environmental Sciences, University of Plymouth • conversation
yesterday ~6 min

Seaspiracy: how to make fishing more sustainable by tackling bycatch – new research

Tackling bycatch in large-scale fishing can make our seafood habit more sustainable

William Arlidge, Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Leibniz Institute of Freshwater Ecology and Inland Fisheries • conversation
yesterday ~8 min

Doctors treating trans youth grapple with uncertainty, lack of training

Because little scientific evidence exists for trans medical treatments, doctors are often wary when working with trans people, even if they realize it's in the patients' best interests to do so.

stef m. shuster, Assistant Professor of Sociology, Michigan State University • conversation
yesterday ~11 min

Putting a dollar value on nature will give governments and businesses more reasons to protect it

When something is free, people use a lot of it. Economists are urging governments to compute values for natural resources – wildlife, plants, air, water – to create motives for protecting them.

Linda J. Bilmes, Daniel Patrick Moynihan Senior Lecturer in Public Policy and Public Finance, Harvard Kennedy School • conversation
yesterday ~9 min

Young farmers struggle with child care and health insurance – and that can threaten the future of family farms

The costs make it harder for farm families to grow their businesses.

Florence Becot, Associate Research Scientist in Rural Sociology, Adjunct Faculty - National Farm Medicine Center, The Ohio State University • conversation
yesterday ~8 min

Poor sleep linked to inability to focus – new study

Distraction in poor sleepers could be linked to a different brain process than previously thought.

Christopher B. Miller, Honorary Senior Research Fellow, University of Oxford • conversation
yesterday ~6 min

How we showed bamboo cricket bats could usher in a new, more sustainable epoch for the sport

Bamboo bats could make cricket more accessible, more sustainable – and more exciting.

Darshil U. Shah, Lecturer in Materials, Centre for Natural Material Innovation, University of Cambridge • conversation
May 10, 2021 ~7 min

Can schools require COVID-19 vaccines for students now that Pfizer's shot is authorized for kids 12 and up?

Each state has its own rules for which vaccines kids must have to attend school and the reasons students can opt out.

Kristine Bowman, Professor of Law and Education Policy, Michigan State University • conversation
May 10, 2021 ~8 min

The Colonial Pipeline ransomware attack and the SolarWinds hack were all but inevitable – why national cyber defense is a 'wicked' problem

Fragmented authority for national cyber defense and the vulnerabilities of private companies that control software and infrastructure stack the deck against US cybersecurity.

Terry Thompson, Adjunct Instructor in Cybersecurity, Johns Hopkins University • conversation
May 10, 2021 ~13 min