Repeat head impacts may lead to depression later

Study participants with a history of repetitive head impacts and traumatic brain injury reported greater depression symptoms later than those who didn't.

Gina DiGravio-Boston • futurity
June 30, 2020 ~7 min

Tags: depression cognition memory brains athletes sports featured health-and-medicine football injuries

Poor nutrition education puts female athletes at risk

Poor nutrition knowledge among athletes, coaches, and their teams may be putting women at risk for nutritional deficiences, eating disorders, and injury.

Patti Verbanas-Rutgers • futurity
June 9, 2020 ~6 min

Tags: gender food athletes eating-disorders featured health-and-medicine

Are ‘eccentric’ exercises best for ACL injuries?

People with ACL injuries can lose up to 40% of the muscle strength in that leg. Eccentric exercises can build it back up, research in rats indicates.

Laura Bailey-Michigan • futurity
May 15, 2020 ~5 min

Tags: exercise athletes muscles health-and-medicine injuries knees physical-therapy

Electrolyte supplements fall flat at protecting runners

Electrolyte supplements don't actually prevent imbalances in sodium levels in ultramarathoners, research shows. Here's what they should do instead.

Tracie White-Stanford • futurity
March 2, 2020 ~9 min

Tags: water athletes supplements running featured health-and-medicine sodium

Watch-sized device tracks your health via sweat

A watch-sized monitor that uses sweat to monitor body chemistry could help improve athletes' performance and protect them from injury.

Matt Shipman-NC State • futurity
Feb. 3, 2020 ~4 min

Tags: exercise athletes sensors science-and-technology wearable-devices perspiration

ACL tears can cause harmful changes to your brain

ACL tears are more than just a painful knee injury. New research shows they can also cause harmful changes in the brain.

Laura Bailey-Michigan • futurity
Jan. 29, 2020 ~3 min

Tags: brains athletes health-and-medicine injuries knees

Don’t delay treatment after a concussion. Here’s why

Delaying treatment after suffering a concussion can mean a slower recovery, experts warn.

Rick Pietzak-Pittsburgh • futurity
Jan. 7, 2020 ~3 min

Tags: brains athletes sports health-and-medicine concussions traumatic-injury

CTE risk goes up 30% for each year of playing football

There's a strong link between playing football and CTE, researchers find. After just under 3 years of play, athletes' risk for CTE doubles.

Boston University • futurity
Oct. 8, 2019 ~6 min

Tags: brains athletes sports featured health-and-medicine concussions football injuries

Focusing on one sport boosts injury risk for child athletes

Kids who play just one sport tend to practice harder and more often. That may sound like a good way to succeed, but it can put them at risk for injury.

Kevin Stacey-Brown • futurity
Sept. 23, 2019 ~4 min

Tags: athletes childrens-health sports health-and-medicine fractures

Why acute kidney injury strikes marathon runners

What's behind the acute kidney injury some marathon runners experience after a race? New research debunks one idea and points the finger elsewhere.

Johns Hopkins University • futurity
Sept. 13, 2019 ~9 min

Tags: exercise water kidneys athletes running health-and-medicine salt

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