Standards would boost efficiency of LED lighting in greenhouses

LED lighting in greenhouses enhance plant growth but researchers say standards could make them even more effective.

Todd Bates-Rutgers | Jan. 9, 2020 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment crops electricity led light plants

‘Wearable AC’ could keep you cool without electricity

A new on-skin "wearable air conditioning" device could keep you cool while also monitoring blood pressure, heart activity, and skin hydration.

Eric Stann-Missouri | Jan. 6, 2020 | futurity
~2 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine science-and-technology electricity electronics sensors temperature wearable-devices

Flexible polymer could power future pacemakers non-stop

The polymer has many potential uses, including powering pacemakers without needing new batteries and keeping street lights on with energy from passing cars.

U. Melbourne | Dec. 27, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine science-and-technology electricity materials-science medical-devices nanotechnology polymers

‘Two-faced’ solar cells generate a lot more power

If solar panels could gather sunlight from two sides instead of one, they could generate up to 20% more power, a new formula shows.

Kayla Wiles-Purdue | Dec. 19, 2019 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment electricity renewable-energy sunlight sustainability

A tiny bend gives semiconductors a big boost

Bending organic semiconductors can seriously up the speed of the electricity flowing through them, which could pave the way for better electronics.

Todd Bates-Rutgers | Dec. 3, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology electricity electronics materials-science semiconductors

Air pollution from power plants is killing people

Air pollution from electricity generation led to 16,000 early deaths in the US in 2014, research finds. And there are disparities in impact by race and location.

Sarah McQuate-Washington | Nov. 21, 2019 | futurity
~6 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment featured health-and-medicine coal death electricity fossil-fuels pollution race-and-ethnicity united-states

Cooper pairs reveal a new state of matter

Cooper pairs, electron duos that enable superconductivity, can also conduct electricity as normal metals do, researchers report.

Kevin Stacey-Brown | Nov. 20, 2019 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology electricity electrons higgs-boson matter physics superconductors

Now we know how some bacteria ‘eat’ electricity to survive

Scientists have been curious about how bacteria that survive on electricity actually make the process happen. Now we know.

Talia Ogliore-WUSTL | Nov. 8, 2019 | futurity
~2 mins   

Tags: featured science-and-technology bacteria electricity electrons

Carbon capture might not be such a great idea

Carbon capture technologies could actually produce more carbon dioxide than they suck up. Focusing on renewables is a better solution, researchers say.

Taylor Kubota-Stanford | Oct. 28, 2019 | futurity
~8 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment carbon-dioxide climate-change coal electricity renewable-energy sustainability

We finally know how friction causes static electricity

It's been a mystery for more than 2,500 years, but researchers have figured out what's going on when friction causes static electricity.

Northwestern U. | Sept. 11, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology electricity friction materials-science

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