Over 30 years, partisan voices split climate change news

A new study of climate change news from between 1985 and 2017 shows a growing political divide over the issue as partisan voices became a focus of coverage.

Jared Wadley-Michigan
March 13, 2020 | futurity

~2 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment climate-change journalism politics

Hard Brexit could bring big grocery bills

A hard Brexit could increase a four-person family's grocery bill £20.98 per week, and possibly up to as much as £50.98 per week, research shows.

Alice Scott-Warwick
March 9, 2020 | futurity

~2 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture europe food money politics united-kingdom

Experts: Biased news makes U.S. voters’ job harder than ever

Voters have to be more careful than ever before about where and how they get their information about politics, experts argue.

March 2, 2020 | futurity

~1 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture communication media politics united-states voters

The caucus system isn’t accessible to everyone

A historian explains the caucus system and how its design can keep voters, such as those with disabilities, from having a say in the process.

Feb. 24, 2020 | futurity

~1 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture democracy disabilities elections politics united-states voters

How close you live to a city shapes your politics

The urban-rural poltiical divide in the United States may go back to where we live, and how many other people we live near, new research shows.

Sara Savat-WUSTL
Feb. 21, 2020 | futurity

~7 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture cities identity politics rural-communities united-states voters

1 trick gets Americans out of their political box

Before the 2016 US presidential election, an experiment suggested that manipulation could get voters to adopt political views that weren't their own.

McGill University
Feb. 6, 2020 | futurity

~3 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture beliefs politics surveys

Does a polarized US congress get more done?

A Congress divided along political party lines may actually be more efficient at getting work done—at least in the House.

Caroline Brooks-Michigan State
Jan. 30, 2020 | futurity

~4 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture politics united-states

Climate politics outweigh science for coastal Floridians

A new book investigates how coastal Florida residents think about climate change and finds politics are swaying more people than science.

Jennifer French Giarratano-Georgia State
Jan. 28, 2020 | futurity

~3 mins   

Tags: earth-and-environment society-and-culture beliefs climate-change floods politics united-states

US political division has outpaced other democracies

Political polarization in the US has gotten worse over the last four decades at a faster rate than in other major democracies, researchers find.

Jill Kimball-Brown
Jan. 21, 2020 | futurity

~5 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture emotions journalism politics race-and-ethnicity religion trends united-states

How politicians steal elections in Eastern Europe

A new book digs into how corrupt politicians cheat in elections in Hungary and Romania, and its far more than just buying votes.

Bess Connolly Martell-Yale
Jan. 6, 2020 | futurity

~1 mins   

Tags: featured society-and-culture elections europe politics voters

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