Prenatal vitamin D supplements don’t protect kids from asthma

Taking vitamin D supplements during pregnancy does little to prevent asthma and recurrent wheezing in young children, a new study shows.

Scott Hesel - U. Rochester | Feb. 13, 2020 | futurity
~3 mins   

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Supplement may slow early aging syndrome

Researchers may have a new way to fight Werner Syndrome, which causes early aging and death, with supplements that boost the breakdown of mitochondria.

Gitte Frandsen-U. Copenhagen | Dec. 2, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine aging mitochondria supplements

Nutritional supplements lower child mortality

Nutritional supplements may decrease mortality among babies 6-24 months old by as much as 27% in low- and middle-income countries, researchers say.

Amy Quinton-UC Davis | Nov. 12, 2019 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine childrens-health food lipids malnutrition supplements

Should you use CBD for pain? 5 pieces of advice

CBD supplements are an increasingly popular option for treating pain. Experts offer some tips and context for the lack of scientific evidence.

U. Michigan | Nov. 6, 2019 | futurity
~5 mins   

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Extra testosterone may attune us to moral norms

New research investigates how testosterone affects moral reasoning. The findings suggest a complicated relationship.

Rachel Griess-Texas | Aug. 26, 2019 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture hormones morals supplements testosterone

How much vitamin D is enough? It depends

When recommending vitamin D supplements, doctors should treat each patient's requirements as unique rather than rely on "one-size-fits-all" guidelines.

Patti Verbanas-Rutgers | Aug. 14, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine aging bones calcium supplements vitamin-d

Years of taking vitamin D appear to cut cancer death risk

Research suggests three years of taking vitamin D could extend the lives of cancer patients. "There are still many questions and more research is needed."

Sarina Gleason-Michigan State | June 4, 2019 | futurity
~2 mins   

Tags: featured health-and-medicine cancer supplements vitamin-d

Three ways to spot dodgy nutrition advice

Here's how to recognize legitimate diet and nutrition advice among all the scams.

Alisson Clark-Florida | May 23, 2019 | futurity
~4 mins   

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Joint pain supplement may lower heart disease risk

There's an overlap between a common supplement people take for joint pain and arthritis and reduced risk of heart disease, research finds.

Keith Brannon-Tulane | May 21, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine heart-disease hearts supplements

To treat breast cancer fatigue, soybean oil beats fish oil

"Our study confirms that the benefits of fish oil have been overstated..."

Leslie Orr-Rochester | Feb. 28, 2019 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine breast-cancer cancer fatigue supplements

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