Harvard biologist discusses the environmental impact of the Amazon fires

Harvard biologist and longtime Amazon rainforest researcher Brian Farrell discusses how the forest fires raging in Brazil are threatening the planet’s climate, and how to stop them.

Colleen Walsh | Aug. 28, 2019 | harvard
~9 mins   

Tags: national-world-affairs science-technology amazon brazil brian-farrell climate-change david-rockefeller-center-for-latin-american-studies economics environments-sustainability fires rainforest

‘The Rockefeller Beetles’ explores the beauty of a major gift

“The Rockefeller Beetles,” a new exhibit at the Harvard Museum of Natural History, features hundreds of specimens from an exceptional collection that reflects the story of a man whose childhood pursuit grew into a lifelong passion.

Harvard Gazette | Oct. 18, 2018 | harvard
~2 mins   

Tags: arts-humanities the-rockefeller-beetles beetles brian-farrell david-rockefeller harvard-museum-of-natural-history harvard-university-museum-of-comparative-zoology

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