Architect designs a playground for social development

With “High Sees,” architect Megan Panzano reasserts how play can impact mental and social development.

Travis Dagenais | Dec. 20, 2019 | harvard
~10 mins   

Tags: science-technology architecture basic-research children harvard-graduate-school-of-design high-sees megan-panzano mental-development social-development

Educational programs promote and guide interactions that foster children’s literacy development

Harvard Graduate School of Education researchers Joe Blatt and Meredith Rowe conducted a study that developed learning apps to create foundations for literacy in young children.

Liz Mineo | Oct. 22, 2019 | harvard
~6 mins   

Tags: science-technology childrens-language-development graduate-school-of-education joe-blatt literacy meredith-rowe reach-every-reader

Harvard scientists link supplements to severe health events in young people

Compared with vitamins, dietary supplements for weight loss, muscle building, and energy were associated with nearly three times the risk of severe medical events in children and young adults.

Amy Roeder | June 5, 2019 | harvard
~3 mins   

Tags: health-medicine children energy-supplements fda flora-or muscle-building-supplements s-bryn-austin weight-loss-supplements yongjoo-kim young-adults

New tool calculates genetic risk for obesity

A “polygenic score” for obesity, a quantitative tool that predicts an individual’s inherited risk for becoming overweight, may identify an opportunity for early intervention.

Karen Zusi | April 18, 2019 | harvard
~6 mins   

Tags: health-medicine amit-v-khera avon-longitudinal-study-of-parents-and-children broad-institute clinical-interventions coronary-artery-risk-development-in-young-adults-study dna framingham-offspring-study genetic obesity polygenic-score polygenic-scoring uk-biobank

Three years after undergoing gene therapy, his ‘last shot’ hit the target

Three years after undergoing gene therapy at Dana-Farber/Boston Children’s Cancer and Blood Disorders Center to treat a life-threatening immune disorder, an Ohio college student is no longer thinking about his own “last shot” for health, but rather about medical school and “giving back.”

Alvin Powell | Feb. 21, 2019 | harvard
~17 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell becky-whittaker boston-childrens-hospital brenden-whittaker cgd chronic-granulomatous-disease clinical-trial dana-farber-cancer-institute dana-farberboston-childrens-cancer-and-blood-disorders-center david-a-williams gene-therapy

Functional skills of those with Down syndrome can improve into adulthood

A new study from MassGeneral Hospital for Children looks at how people with Down syndrome continue to learn.

Sue McGreevey | Jan. 2, 2019 | harvard
~5 mins   

Tags: health-medicine brian-skotko down-syndrome emma-campbell-endowed-chair-on-down-syndrome-at-massachusetts-general-hospital functional-skills massgeneral-hospital-for-children

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