Fewer Americans getting primary care is raising concerns

A national analysis revealed an alarming decline in primary care use, which is associated with better health outcomes than episodic, inconsistent care. The decline was most pronounced among younger Americans and those without complex medical conditions.

Jake Miller | Dec. 16, 2019 | harvard
~3 mins   

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Preventing sudden cardiac death through gene sequencing

Researchers have determined that genetic testing could identify those at risk for cardiac death prior to any symptoms.

Harvard Gazette | Nov. 16, 2019 | harvard
~4 mins   

Tags: science-technology basic-research broad-institute-of-mit-and-harvard cardiac-death gene-sequencing

New drug-detecting tool could help save lives

The landscape of the illegal drug trade changes constantly, particularly amid the current opioid crisis. Law-enforcement officers regularly find or confiscate pills, powders, and other substances and need to know their composition as quickly as possible to determine legal charges and sometimes to issue lifesaving warnings. Carfentanil is a case in point. This cousin to […]

Caitlin McDermott-Murphy | Nov. 13, 2019 | harvard
~7 mins   

Tags: health-medicine basic-research caitlin-mcdermott-murphy cambridge carfentanil chemistry christoffer-abrahamsson dea drug-analysis drug-enforcement-administration engineering-technology fas fentanyl forensic-science george-whitesides law-enforcement opioid-epidemic

Harvard researchers show how several diets can improve heart health

Researchers applied new techniques to old samples from a 2005 dietary study to show that a focus on eating healthy rather than obsessing over a single nutrient can improve heart health.

Alvin Powell | Sept. 18, 2019 | harvard
~6 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell beth-israel-deaconess-medical-center c-reactive-protein diet harvard-medical-school health heart-disease high-blood-pressure omniheart stephen-juraschek troponin

Online Music Lab studies questions of melody and humanity

Samuel Mehr has long been interested in questions of what music is, how music works, and why music exists. To help find the answers, he’s created the Music Lab, an online, citizen-science project aimed at understanding not just how the human mind interprets music, but why music is a virtually ubiquitous feature of human societies.

Peter Reuell | Sept. 12, 2019 | harvard
~6 mins   

Tags: science-technology citizen-science data-science-initiative faculty-of-arts-and-sciences fas harvard internet mehr music music-lab online peter-reuell psychology reuell samuel-mehr tone-deaf tone-deafness world-music-quiz

Gene-editing tool prevents hearing loss in mice with hereditary deafness

Scientists have used an optimized version of the CRISPR-Cas9 gene-editing system to prevent hearing loss in so-called Beethoven mice, which carry a genetic mutation that causes profound hearing loss in humans and mice alike.

Ekaterina Pesheva | July 3, 2019 | harvard
~12 mins   

Tags: science-technology beethoven-mice blavatnik-institute-at-harvard-medical-school deafness gene-editing-tool hearing-loss

Beth Israel researchers uncover anti-cancer drug mechanism — in broccoli

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts and other cruciferous vegetables have long been thought to be good for you, new research finds a mechanism for its cancer-fighting abilities and points the way to a new anti-cancer drug.

Alvin Powell | May 16, 2019 | harvard
~5 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell beth-israel-deaconess-medical-center broccoli brussels-sprouts cruciferous-vegetables harvard-medical-school i3c pier-paolo-pandolfi pten tumor-suppressor wwp1

Dietary link found to drug-resistant breast cancer

Researchers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center and Harvard Medical School have linked a common dietary element to breast cancer drug resistance, raising the prospect of a new way to attack a major cause of breast cancer death.

Alvin Powell | May 7, 2019 | harvard
~5 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alvin-powell amino-acid beth-israel-deaconess-medical-center breast-cancer drug-resistance leucine scl7a5 senthil-muthuswamy tamoxifen

Harvard bioethics conference focuses on physician-assisted death

Advocates and opponents of medical-aid-in-dying laws, also called physician-assisted death, gathered at Harvard Medical School for a two-day conference organized by the HMS Center for Bioethics.

Alvin Powell | April 16, 2019 | harvard
~8 mins   

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