New class of enzymes could lead to bespoke diets, therapeutics

Professor Emily Balskus and her team have identified an entirely new class of enzymes that degrade chemicals essential for neurological health, but also help digest foods like nuts, berries, and tea, releasing nutrients that may impact human health.

Caitlin McDermott-Murphy • harvard
Feb. 18, 2020 ~6 min

Tags:  science-technology  chemistry  diet  cancer  bacteria  parkinsons-disease  basic-research  emily-balskus  chemistry-and-chemical-biology  science  caitlin-mcdermott-murphy  microbiome  vayu-maini-rekdal  microbes  berries  bespoke-diets  chocolate  coffee  dopamine  enzymes  gut  l-dopa  microbiology  nutrition  nuts

Probiotic hydrogels heal gut wounds other bandages can’t reach

Harvard researchers have developed hydrogels that can be produced from bacterial cultures and applied to intestinal surfaces for faster wound healing.

Benjamin Boettner • harvard
Aug. 12, 2019 ~8 min

Tags:  harvard-john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences  seas  health-medicine  wyss-institute-for-biologically-inspired-engineering-at-harvard-university  gut  e-coli  bacterial-hydrogels  curli-nanofibers  mucoadhesive-nanofibers

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