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Adam Levy • knowable
Jan. 25, 2022 ~4 min

Exercise boosts the brain — and mental health

Working out buffs up the body — and perhaps the mind, too. New research is revealing how physical activity can reduce and even ward off depression, anxiety and other psychological ailments.

Bob Holmes • knowable
Jan. 21, 2022 ~19 min

New antifungal medications are sorely needed

Better treatment for Candida auris, Aspergillus and other dangerous fungal pathogens is slow to come, even as rates of drug resistance rise. New therapies are in the pipeline, and hospital practices can help.

Jackie Rocheleau • knowable
Jan. 18, 2022 ~14 min

How can ant and termite queens live so long?

Social insects disobey evolutionary principles that say creatures invest in body maintenance or reproduction — not both. Scientists want to know how the creatures do it. 

Tim Vernimmen • knowable
Jan. 14, 2022 ~13 min

How learning happens in the brains of sleeping babes

Neuroscientists have long known that shut-eye helps consolidate memories in adults. Napping may play an equally crucial role in infants and young children.

Carolyn Wilke • knowable
Jan. 13, 2022 ~17 min

Reading a Pacific navigator’s mysterious map may require a shift in perspective

A voyager named Tupaia guided Captain James Cook through the South Seas and drew an island-filled chart that has puzzled scholars for more than 250 years

Cristy Gelling • knowable
Dec. 23, 2021 ~14 min

The vicious cycle of food and sleep

OPINION: More than a third of Americans don’t log enough hours in bed, provoking serious impacts on their health. Diet is an important and under-recognized reason.

Marie-Pierre St-Onge • knowable
Dec. 23, 2021 ~6 min

How zinc helps you fight off infections

Our bodies require the vital mineral for the healthy functioning of the immune system 

Diana Kwon • knowable
Dec. 23, 2021 ~12 min

The alien beauty and creepy fascination of insect art

Through history and across cultures, insects have inspired artists and challenged viewers to shift their perspective

Greg Miller • knowable
Dec. 22, 2021 ~19 min

Champagne bubbles: the science

As you uncork that bottle and raise your glass, take time to toast physics and chemistry along with the New Year

Nicola Jones • knowable
Dec. 20, 2021 ~12 min