Out for blood in the search to stall aging

A gaggle of biotech start-ups are trying vastly different approaches to spin animal studies into the next big anti-aging therapy. It’s too early to know which, if any, will succeed.

Elie Dolgin • knowable
May 6, 2021 ~19 min

Emotions get better with age

As people grow older, they gain greater control of their feelings. How do they do that — and can they teach young whippersnappers a thing or two?

Tim Vernimmen • knowable
May 5, 2021 ~16 min

Genetic tricks of the longest-lived animals

Some species live unexpectedly long lives. By studying how they do it, researchers hope to pinpoint factors affecting human longevity.

Bob Holmes • knowable
May 4, 2021 ~16 min

Should we cancel political parties?

Throughout the world, traditional political organizations are increasingly seen as dysfunctional. But can democracies live without them?

Katherine Ellison • knowable
April 30, 2021 ~12 min

Eyes on the deep

Decades of exploring the seafloor have helped oceanographer Samantha Joye tackle marine issues — from the underwater movement of oil from Deepwater Horizon to the biology of remote microbial communities

Laura Poppick • knowable
April 29, 2021 ~12 min

Remote work can be a lot better than this

OPINION: Under the right conditions (i.e., not during a pandemic), telework can be great for both employers and employees

Ariane Ollier-Malaterre • knowable
April 26, 2021 ~7 min

Ah, wilderness! Is nature the tonic we’ve needed for pandemic malaise?

As Covid-19 descended across the world, people sought refuge in gardens, parks and the woods. But it’s hard to measure how being in nature affects our well-being — and how we can best reap its rewards.

Chris Baraniuk • knowable
April 21, 2021 ~17 min

Save the microbes!

OPINION: Recent data suggest that microbial diversity is under threat — which puts the entire planet at risk

Muhammad Saleem • knowable
April 20, 2021 ~6 min

A healthy environment as a human right

UN recognition would strengthen legal arguments for preserving nature

Katarina Zimmer • knowable
April 20, 2021 ~12 min

Primordial black holes could explain dark matter, galaxy growth and more

A half-century-old, still-disputed idea about dense cosmic objects from the dawn of time could solve longstanding mysteries about the universe

Adam Mann • knowable
April 16, 2021 ~17 min