Save the microbes!

OPINION: Recent data suggest that microbial diversity is under threat — which puts the entire planet at risk

Muhammad Saleem • knowable
yesterday ~6 min

A healthy environment as a human right

UN recognition would strengthen legal arguments for preserving nature

Katarina Zimmer • knowable
yesterday ~12 min

Primordial black holes could explain dark matter, galaxy growth and more

A half-century-old, still-disputed idea about dense cosmic objects from the dawn of time could solve longstanding mysteries about the universe

Adam Mann • knowable
April 16, 2021 ~17 min

Keeping time with zircons

Crystals of the mineral zircon are rugged enough to survive the most violent geologic events. Impurities within them provide a time capsule of planetary history.

Cypress Hansen • knowable
April 14, 2021 ~11 min

Four ways HIV activists have saved lives during Covid

OPINION: We owe these early fighters a debt of gratitude for transforming our response to public health crises.

Monica Gandhi • knowable
April 13, 2021 ~7 min

Know thine enemy: Why genetic sequencing is key to tracking Covid-19

The US effort to analyze viral genomes, slow to start, is now picking up speed

Amber Dance • knowable
April 9, 2021 ~13 min

Yes, all this screen time is hurting your eyes

OPINION: A neuroscientist says that he’s particularly worried about kids, who may have spent much of last year learning online. Some easy hacks can help.

Zhong-Lin Lu • knowable
April 9, 2021 ~6 min

How to convince people to accept a Covid-19 vaccine

Hesitancy rates are falling but they’re still sizable, especially among certain groups. Easy access and trusted community messengers are keys to moving the needle.

John H. Tibbetts • knowable
March 31, 2021 ~17 min

The puzzle of play

The purpose of play — for children, monkeys, rats or meerkats — has proved surprisingly hard to pin down. Scientists continue to toss around ideas.

Chris Woolston • knowable
March 30, 2021 ~14 min

The truth about lying

You can’t spot a liar just by looking — but psychologists are zeroing in on methods that might actually work

Jessica Seigel • knowable
March 25, 2021 ~16 min