Are too many scientists studying Covid?

The pandemic prompted many scientists to pivot their research to the coronavirus. That’s not an entirely good thing.

Julie K. Pfeiffer • knowable
Jan. 29, 2021 ~9 min

The when of eating: The science behind intermittent fasting

What and how much we eat isn’t the only important thing when it comes to healthy nutrition. Timing seems to matter, too.

Andreas von Bubnoff • knowable
Jan. 29, 2021 ~32 min

The dash to adapt smartwatches to help detect Covid infections

Wearable devices already collect vital signs like heart rate and skin temperature. New algorithms can use them to catch illness early — leading to urgent efforts to help battle the pandemic.

Matthew Hutson • knowable
Jan. 27, 2021 ~13 min

Unseen scars of childhood trauma

Twenty years of research have established the connection between adverse childhood experiences and long-term health. Now researchers are looking for ways to measure the biology behind the correlation and try to reverse it.

Amanda B. Keener • knowable
Jan. 25, 2021 ~14 min

A new way of looking at concussions

Emerging research suggests that even mild hits to the head may damage the tiny lymphatic vessels that clear toxic chemicals and cellular debris from the brain

Helen Santoro • knowable
Jan. 20, 2021 ~15 min

How to help Covid-19 long-haulers

OPINION: Patients with lingering symptoms need access to specialized clinics — and so much more

Syra Madad • knowable
Jan. 18, 2021 ~7 min

Memory, the mystery

PODCAST: Just in the past half-century, our understanding of how exactly our brains remember has taken huge leaps. Amazingly, this is just the beginning.

Adam Levy • knowable
Jan. 14, 2021 ~21 min

Don’t abandon paid sick leave. It’s a cost-effective tool against Covid-19.

OPINION: Requiring companies to give unwell workers compensated time off isn’t a burden. It’s smart public health policy that reduces the spread of disease.

Adam Levy • knowable
Jan. 14, 2021 ~5 min

The dazzling history of solar power

PODCAST: Once fringe and futuristic, this renewable energy shines brightly today as a cheap and efficient source of energy. Still, it remains controversial — for much different reasons.

Adam Levy • knowable
Jan. 13, 2021 ~16 min

The heart of invention

PODCAST: Replacing or assisting the human heart with a machine would save countless lives. But the quest to build an artificial heart has had many gruesome missteps and caused researchers to reimagine how to keep our blood flowing.

Adam Levy • knowable
Jan. 12, 2021 ~24 min