Putting a finger on the switch of chronic parasite infection

Researchers find master regulator needed for Toxoplasma gondii parasite to chronically infect host; promising step toward infection treatment, prevention.

Greta Friar | Whitehead Institute | Jan. 21, 2020 | mit
~6 mins   

Tags: whitehead-institute biology chemistry disease genetics crispr medicine research parasites school-of-science

Using CRISPR to program gels with new functions

Smart materials change properties in response to specific DNA sequences; could be used in a variety of devices.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office | Aug. 22, 2019 | mit
~6 mins   

Tags: research dna crispr genetics diagnostic-devices drug-delivery biological-engineering institute-for-medical-engineering-and-science-imes school-of-engineering

Speeding up drug discovery for brain diseases

Whitehead Institute team finds drugs that activate a key brain gene; initial tests in cells and mice show promise for rare, untreatable neurodevelopmental disorder.

Nicole Davis | July 31, 2019 | mit
~6 mins   

Tags: whitehead-institute picower-institute school-of-science behavior biology brain-and-cognitive-sciences crispr development disease genetics mental-health national-institutes-of-health-nih pharmaceuticals research proteins drug-development

New CRISPR platform expands RNA editing capabilities

The new system, dubbed RESCUE, allows RNA edits to be made that were not previously possible.

Sabbi Lall | McGovern Institute for Brain Research | July 11, 2019 | mit
~6 mins   

Tags: mcgovern-institute broad-institute brain-and-cognitive-sciences biological-engineering school-of-science crispr school-of-engineering rna dna genetics research

Using gene editing, neuroscientists develop a new model for autism

By introducing a gene variant associated with autism into monkeys, researchers hope to study treatment options for severe neurodevelopmental disorders.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office | June 12, 2019 | mit
~9 mins   

Tags: research autism crispr genome-editing brain-and-cognitive-sciences neuroscience mcgovern-institute broad-institute school-of-science school-of-engineering china

New gene-editing system precisely inserts large DNA sequences into cellular DNA

Researchers identify and develop new CRISPR-associated transposase system for targeted integration of DNA, adding key capabilities to gene-editing technology.

Karen Zusi | Broad Institute | June 12, 2019 | mit
~7 mins   

Tags: research crispr genome-editing rna dna genetics broad-institute mcgovern-institute biological-engineering brain-and-cognitive-sciences school-of-science school-of-engineering

Keeping genetic engineering localized

Researchers are developing a so-called "daisy-chain" gene-drive system that provides controls for genetic engineering of certain populations.

Helen Knight | MIT Media Lab | April 2, 2019 | mit
~7 mins   

Tags: research genetics evolution disease genetic-engineering ethics media-lab school-of-architecture-and-planning broad-institute crispr

New CRISPR tool opens up more of the genome for editing

Enzyme can target almost half of the genome’s “ZIP codes” and could enable editing of many more disease-specific mutations.

Helen Knight | MIT News correspondent | Oct. 24, 2018 | mit
~6 mins   

Tags: research media-lab school-of-architecture-and-planning crispr genome-editing dna rna genetics biological-engineering

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