How to get conductive gels to stick when wet

A new way of making polymers adhere to surfaces may enable better biomedical sensors and implants.

David L. Chandler | MIT News Office
March 20, 2020 | mit

~6 mins   

Tags: research mechanical-engineering institute-for-medical-engineering-and-science-imes school-of-engineering bioinspiration national-science-foundation-nsf civil-and-environmental-engineering

New sensor could help prevent food waste

Monitoring the plant hormone ethylene could reveal when fruits and vegetables are about to spoil.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
March 18, 2020 | mit

~7 mins   

Tags: research chemistry carbon-nanotubes food agriculture school-of-science national-science-foundation-nsf nanoscience-and-nanotechnology

Bacterial enzyme could become a new target for antibiotics

Scientists discover the structure of an enzyme, found in the human gut, that breaks down a component of collagen.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
March 17, 2020 | mit

~6 mins   

Tags: research biology chemistry microbes school-of-science national-institutes-of-health-nih national-science-foundation-nsf

Why are workers getting smaller pieces of the pie?

Market concentration in the form of “superstar” firms has been lowering labor’s share of GDP in recent decades, a new study finds.

Peter Dizikes | MIT News Office
March 10, 2020 | mit

~9 mins   

Tags: social-sciences economics business-and-management research national-science-foundation-nsf sloan-school-of-management school-of-humanities-arts-and-social-sciences

A new model of vision

Computer model of face processing could reveal how the brain produces richly detailed visual representations so quickly.

Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
March 4, 2020 | mit

~10 mins   

Tags: research computer-vision brain-and-cognitive-sciences center-for-brains-minds-and-machines computer-science-and-artificial-intelligence-laboratory-csail school-of-science school-of-engineering national-science-foundation-nsf artificial-intelligence machine-learning neuroscience

Using light to put a twist on electrons

Method with polarized light can create and measure nonsymmetrical states in a layered material.

David Chandler | MIT News Office
Feb. 26, 2020 | mit

~6 mins   

Tags: research physics materials-science-and-engineering school-of-science department-of-energy-doe national-science-foundation-nsf

Instrument may enable mail-in testing to detect heavy metals in water

Whisk-shaped device absorbs trace contaminants, preserves them in dry state that can be shipped to labs for analysis.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office
Feb. 25, 2020 | mit

~9 mins   

Tags: environment pollution water health india sensors mechanical-engineering research tata-center school-of-engineering sloan-school-of-management j-wafs national-science-foundation-nsf

Mirrored chip could enable handheld dark-field microscopes

Simple chip powered by quantum dots allows standard microscopes to visualize difficult-to-image biological organisms.

Jennifer Chu | MIT News Office
Feb. 24, 2020 | mit

~9 mins   

Tags: imaging microscopy materials-science-and-engineering mechanical-engineering quantum-dots bacteria biology microbes photonics nanoscience-and-nanotechnology research dmse school-of-engineering national-science-foundation-nsf national-institutes-of-nih

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