Best Charity to donate to around the world

April 12, 2019 | Original article
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Everyone chooses a particular charity to donate according to their own personal reasons. So it depends upon the choice of the person that how much amount he is willing to donate to one of his favorite charities. A person may be interested in donating his time to charity rather than money. However, it does not matter to the charities because if someone is volunteering for their charity it’s more than enough and is such a kind gesture. In fact, the charities usually require many volunteers to run events and if someone is willing to give their time, the charities always welcome it. It’s not always the money that can help these charities. If you do not have enough funds to donate but you still have the courage to help, you can always go for volunteering option. However, you must make it clear that which is the best charity to donate to and to volunteer for. This solely depends upon your personal choice. Charities that you can choose to donate to: Feeding America: Food insecurity is an issue people are still suffering from, poor have no resources to get food for their families thus many people volunteer at various food banks to feed a few numbers of people. Nearly 41 million people in the US are suffering from food insecurity. If you are concerned with world hunger, you can donate money or food to different charities around the world. Feeding America is one of the trusted charities that has nearly 200 food banks that serve food to the native communities. You can volunteer here or you can organize a food drive with the help of this charity. United Way worldwide: You can also donate to the relief efforts made for the sufferers of wildfires in California. A Southern California Disaster Relief Fund was built by this charity to help the individuals who go affected by the forest fires. It also created a NorCal Disaster Relief Fund to provide money to the people who lost their homes in the campfire. This charity has a 4-star rating on the internet so you can choose to donate to this charity if you strongly feel about the homeless people around the world. Sempri Fi Fund: If you want to help the injured military people and their families, you can choose to donate to this charitable organization. This charity sponsor and organizes many events such as marathons which in turn raise money for the injured military veterans. From the last 15 years, this charity has been developing various programs such as Service Member and Family Support Program, a Transition Program, the Integrative Wellness Program, and the LCpl Parsons Welcome Home Fund for the injured veterans so that they can start a new life and live happily. This is the best charity to donate to as it supports the military people who are always ready to protect their country at the stake of their own life. Sierra Club:If you want to protect your environment, then joining hands with this club can be a great option for you. Sierra club is built with a mission to explore, enjoy, and protect the wild places around the globe. It educates society to protect and restore the quality of environmental belongings. So in the end, it hardly matters that which factor or what cause concerns you the most to make a charity, all that matters is that you have chosen to donate. It is one of the admirable things to help charities and the one who does feels so good about it after they have contributed to some good cause.