Rhino release: European parks bring animals to Rwanda

Five critically endangered rhinos from European zoos are flown to Rwanda to be released into the wild.

By Victoria Gill | June 25, 2019 | bbcnews
~5 mins   

Tags: wildlife environment nature rhinos rwanda conservation

Last male Sumatran rhino in Malaysia dies

The future of the critically endangered Sumatran rhino has been struck a blow, with the death of Malaysia's last male.

By Helen Briggs | May 28, 2019 | bbcnews
~3 mins   

Tags: rhinos

Hong Kong seizes $1m worth of rhino horn at airport

Two men carrying at least 24 severed rhino horns have been arrested at Hong Kong airport's customs.

BBC Science News | Feb. 15, 2019 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: wildlife rhinos china hong-kong south-africa

South Africa sniffer dog intercepts 116kg of rhino horn

The haul, worth more than $1.3m (£1m), is one of the largest seized in South Africa in recent years.

BBC Science News | Jan. 10, 2019 | bbcnews
~1 mins   

Tags: rhinos south-africa conservation

'Siberian unicorn' walked Earth with humans

A giant rhino that may have been the origin of the unicorn myth survived until about 35,000 years ago.

By Helen Briggs | Nov. 27, 2018 | bbcnews
~3 mins   

Tags: animals rhinos fossils conservation

Northern white rhino: New hopes for IVF rescue

A new study raises hopes of saving one of the last animals of its kind - the northern white rhino.

By Helen Briggs | Nov. 7, 2018 | bbcnews
~4 mins   

Tags: animals endangered-species rhinos ivf conservation

Rhino horn: Alarm as China eases 25-year ban on rhino and tiger parts

Experts worry this will increase demand for the animals and jeopardise efforts to protect them.

BBC Science News | Oct. 30, 2018 | bbcnews
~2 mins   

Tags: rhinos china

Follow the money

Targeting profits linked to the illegal wildlife trade could help protect threatened species

By Alexandria Reid, Cathy Haenlein & Tom Keatinge | Oct. 10, 2018 | bbcnews
~6 mins   

Tags: pangolins money-laundering elephants expert-network rhinos organised-crime

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