Colour-changing artificial ‘chameleon skin’ powered by nanomachines

Researchers have developed artificial ‘chameleon skin’ that changes colour when exposed to light and could be used in applications such as active camouflage and large-scale dynamic displays.

Cambridge University News | Aug. 21, 2019 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: physics nanotechnology advanced-materials

Machine learning to help develop self-healing robots that ‘feel pain’

Researchers from the University of Cambridge will use self-healing materials and machine learning to develop soft robotics as part of a new collaborative project.

Cambridge University News | Aug. 7, 2019 | cambridge
~2 mins   

Tags: robot automation advanced-materials machine-learning artificial-intelligence engineering

Graphene goes to space

Partners in the European Commission’s Graphene Flagship, including the University of Cambridge, launched a rocket this week to test graphene – a two-dimensional form of carbon – for potential applications in space.

Cambridge University News | June 25, 2019 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: graphene space advanced-materials spotlight-on-advanced-materials engineering

Washable, wearable battery-like devices could be woven directly into clothes

Washable, wearable ‘batteries’: based on cheap, safe and environmentally-friendly inks and woven directly into fabrics, have been developed by researchers at the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge University News | May 16, 2019 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: graphene advanced-materials spotlight-on-advanced-materials flexible-electronics electronics engineering

Machine learning predicts mechanical properties of porous materials

Machine learning can be used to predict the properties of a group of materials which, according to some, could be as important to the 21st century as plastics were to the 20th.

Cambridge University News | May 15, 2019 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: advanced-materials spotlight-on-advanced-materials machine-learning artificial-intelligence-ai spotlight-on-artificial-intelligence

Green material for refrigeration identified

Researchers from the UK and Spain have identified an eco-friendly solid that could replace the inefficient and polluting gases used in most refrigerators and air conditioners.

Cambridge University News | April 18, 2019 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: energy environment spotlight-on-advanced-materials climate-change

Cambridge spin-out starts producing graphene at commercial scale

A recent University of Cambridge spin-out company, Paragraf, has started producing graphene – a sheet of carbon just one atomic layer thick – at up to eight inches (20cm) in diameter, large enough for commercial electronic devices. 

Cambridge University News | March 12, 2019 | cambridge
~3 mins   

Tags: graphene spin-out spotlight-on-advanced-materials business spotlight-on-innovation

‘Magnetic graphene’ switches between insulator and conductor

Researchers have found that certain ultra-thin magnetic materials can switch from insulator to conductor under high pressure, a phenomenon that could be used in the development of next-generation electronics and memory storage devices.

Cambridge University News | Feb. 1, 2019 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: physics materials advanced-materials spotlight-on-advanced-materials graphene

New efficiency record set for perovskite LEDs

Researchers have set a new efficiency record for LEDs based on perovskite semiconductors, rivalling that of the best organic LEDs (OLEDs). 

Cambridge University News | Oct. 29, 2018 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: perovskite light-emitting-diode-led solar-cell spotlight-on-advanced-materials

Cambridge partners in new €1 billion European Quantum Flagship

The University of Cambridge is a partner in the €1 billion Quantum Flagship, an EU-funded initiative to develop quantum technologies across Europe. 

Cambridge University News | Oct. 29, 2018 | cambridge
~6 mins   

Tags: quantum quantum-computing spotlight-on-advanced-materials engineering

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