Syrian higher education system facing “complete breakdown” after eight years of war – study

The conflict in Syria has left the country’s higher education system “fragmented and broken”, with universities suffering politicisation, militarisation and human rights violations including disappearances and murder, according to researchers from the University of Cambridge and Syrian academics in exile.

Cambridge University News | June 18, 2019 | cambridge
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Bereaved children missing out on vital support in UK schools, study finds

Support for bereaved children in schools is patchy and inadequate, and teachers feel they lack the skills to help, according to a report from the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge.

Cambridge University News | June 18, 2019 | cambridge
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Research at the chalk face: connecting academia and schools

Researchers in Cambridge’s Faculty of Education are working with teachers to improve the experience of learning in the East of England – and boost pupils’ life chances.

Cambridge University News | March 25, 2019 | cambridge
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Report examines origins and nature of ‘maths anxiety’

A report out today examines the factors that influence ‘maths anxiety’ among primary and secondary school students, showing that teachers and parents may inadvertently play a role in a child’s development of the condition, and that girls tend to be more affected than boys.

Cambridge University News | March 14, 2019 | cambridge
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Stronger political leadership needed to close global gender divide in education – report

The poorest girls in many Commonwealth countries spend no more than five years in school, with the global target of 12 years of quality universal education remaining “a distant reality” for many, according to a new report charting global inequality in girls’ education.

Cambridge University News | Jan. 21, 2019 | cambridge
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