Cambridge researchers and Jaguar Land Rover develop immersive 3D head-up display for in-car use

Researchers from the University of Cambridge are working with Jaguar Land Rover to develop next-generation head-up display technology that could beam real-time safety information in front of the driver, and allow passengers to stream 3D movies directly from their seats as part of a shared, autonomous future.

Cambridge University News | Aug. 20, 2019 | cambridge
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Tags: innovation car displays augmented-reality engineering

New stem cell combination could help to repair damaged hearts

A combination of heart cells derived from human stem cells could be the answer to developing a desperately-needed treatment for heart failure, according to new research by scientists at the University of Cambridge, published in Nature Biotechnology.

Cambridge University News | Aug. 5, 2019 | cambridge
~4 mins   

Tags: stem-cells heart-disease innovation

Cause of hardening of the arteries – and potential treatment – identified

A team of UK scientists have identified the mechanism behind hardening of the arteries, and shown in animal studies that a generic medication normally used to treat acne could be an effective treatment for the condition.

Cambridge University News | June 11, 2019 | cambridge
~6 mins   

Tags: artery health medical chemistry drug-discovery spotlight-on-innovation

New prognostic test could enable personalised treatment of inflammatory bowel disease

Scientists at the University of Cambridge have developed a new test that can reliably predict the future course of inflammatory bowel disease in individuals, transforming treatments for patients and paving the way for a personalised approach.

Cambridge University News | May 3, 2019 | cambridge
~5 mins   

Tags: spotlight-on-future-therapeutics spotlight-on-innovation inflammatory-bowel-disease crohns-disease ulcerative-colitis

Green tech startups see boost in patents and investment when partnering with government – study

Collaboration between government and startups could help meet the climate challenge while growing small businesses. Findings could inform discussions on Green New Deal or any “forward-looking policy package” say researchers.

Cambridge University News | March 18, 2019 | cambridge
~6 mins   

Tags: green-technology sustainability spotlight-on-sustainability-and-the-environment clean-technology startups innovation

Cambridge spin-out starts producing graphene at commercial scale

A recent University of Cambridge spin-out company, Paragraf, has started producing graphene – a sheet of carbon just one atomic layer thick – at up to eight inches (20cm) in diameter, large enough for commercial electronic devices. 

Cambridge University News | March 12, 2019 | cambridge
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Tags: graphene spin-out spotlight-on-advanced-materials business spotlight-on-innovation

Brain training app improves users’ concentration, study shows

A new ‘brain training’ game designed by researchers at the University of Cambridge improves users’ concentration, according to new research published today. The scientists behind the venture say this could provide a welcome antidote to the daily distractions that we face in a busy world.

Cambridge University News | Jan. 21, 2019 | cambridge
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Tags: spotlight-on-neuroscience spotlight-on-innovation brain-training attention

3D ‘organ on a chip’ could accelerate search for new disease treatments

Researchers have developed a three-dimensional ‘organ on a chip’ which enables real-time continuous monitoring of cells, and could be used to develop new treatments for disease while reducing the number of animals used in research. 

Róisín Owens, Charalampos Pitsalidis | Oct. 26, 2018 | cambridge
~6 mins   

Tags: biotechnology drug-discovery medical-device spotlight-on-innovation animal-research

New legal tool aims to increase openness, sharing and innovation in global biotechnology

A new easy-to-use legal tool that enables exchange of biological material between research institutes and companies launches today.

Jim Haseloff | Oct. 11, 2018 | cambridge
~5 mins   

Tags: spotlight-on-innovation synthetic-biology plant-sciences

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