Police officers get less proactive when they feel scrutiny

When police officers and firefighters feel that the public doesn't understand what they do, they're less likely to be proactive in building community ties.

Molly Dannenmaier-UT Austin | Aug. 16, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture firefighters jobs police-officers

Fewer health troubles for older workers with the right job

When an older worker's cognitive abilities and the demands of the job don't suit each other, early retirement becomes more likely.

Amy McCaig-Rice University | Aug. 14, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: health-and-medicine society-and-culture aging cognition jobs older-adults retirement

Cheaters are more likely to break work rules, too

People who cheat on their spouses are more likely to engage in workplace misconduct, a study of Ashley Madison users shows.

Molly Dannenmaier-UT Austin | July 31, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: featured society-and-culture ethics honesty jobs marriage relationships

Ethnic communities help new refugees find work

"This is just one piece of a bigger puzzle on what helps refugees integrate within their host country."

Alex Shashkevich-Stanford | July 31, 2019 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture ethnicity jobs refugees

Lying messes with your assessment of others’ emotions

One consequence of lying is a diminished ability to read other people's emotions. Plus, there's a snowball effect.

Chuck Finder-WUSTL | July 29, 2019 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture emotions honesty jobs social-lives

Feeling fond of robots makes for better teams

Teamwork improves when we develop an emotional attachment to the robots on our teams, research finds. But can it go too far?

Laurel Thomas-Michigan | July 24, 2019 | futurity
~4 mins   

Tags: science-and-technology emotions jobs robots social-lives

Fake resumes root out real hiring bias

The way firms rate fake resumes sheds light on the way conscious and unconscious bias shapes who gets the job.

Caroline Pennartz-Penn | July 19, 2019 | futurity
~11 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture bias business ethnicity gender jobs race

Teams with diverse thinkers work together best

Teams with many different kinds of thinkers have higher collective intelligence, but there's a catch, researchers report.

Carnegie Mellon-HCII | July 2, 2019 | futurity
~3 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture cooperation intelligence jobs social-lives workplaces

Journalism schools tell students to branch out, hustle

"The post-Watergate media era where you would work for a local paper or TV station and work your way up to retirement with a nice pension is behind us."

Amy McCaig-Rice University | June 30, 2019 | futurity
~5 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture education higher-education jobs journalism

Americans aren’t so optimistic about economic mobility

How do Americans feel about prospects for intergenerational mobility? Researchers dug into estimates of kids' future income to find out.

James Devitt-NYU | June 25, 2019 | futurity
~6 mins   

Tags: society-and-culture families jobs money socioeconomic-status united-states

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