Probiotic hydrogels heal gut wounds other bandages can’t reach

Harvard researchers have developed hydrogels that can be produced from bacterial cultures and applied to intestinal surfaces for faster wound healing.

Benjamin Boettner | Aug. 12, 2019 | harvard
~8 mins   

Tags: health-medicine bacterial-hydrogels curli-nanofibers e-coli gut harvard-john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences mucoadhesive-nanofibers seas wyss-institute-for-biologically-inspired-engineering-at-harvard-university

Climate change pushing up levels of methylmercury in fish

A new study concludes that while the regulation of mercury emissions have successfully reduced methylmercury levels in fish, spiking temperatures are driving those levels back up and will play a major role in the methylmercury levels of marine life in the future.

Leah Burrows | Aug. 7, 2019 | harvard
~8 mins   

Tags: science-technology atlantic-bluefin-tuna climate-change cod harvard-john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences mercury overfishing seas swordfish toxic-methylmercury

Harvard study suggests racial tension may stem from fear of exposure to infectious diseases

A postdoctoral fellow working in the lab of Psychology Professor Matt Nock,Brian O’Shea is the lead author of a study that suggests racial tension may stem not from different groups being exposed to each other, but fear of a different sort of exposure — exposure to infectious diseases. The study is described in a July 15 paper published in Social Psychological and Personality Science.

Peter Reuell | Aug. 5, 2019 | harvard
~4 mins   

Tags: health-medicine brian-oshea discrimination disease disease-exposure explicit-bias exposure faculty-of-arts-and-sciences fas harvard implicit-bias in-group infectious-disease oshea out-group peter-reuell prejudice project-implicit racial-tension reuell

Researchers eye flashy coats of peacock spiders in pursuit of new solar products

Dakota McCoy, in collaboration with David Haig, led a group of researchers at Harvard studying the black spider and its ultrablack coat with microlenses that could lead to innovations in solar panels and sunglasses glare.

Anna Fiorentino | July 10, 2019 | harvard
~5 mins   

Tags: science-technology anna-fiorentino anti-reflective black-spiders cody-mccoy dakota-mccoy david-haig fas gsas joanna-aizenberg microlenses peacock-spiders seas victoria-mccoy

Harvard researchers find gut microbes can lessen effectiveness of medicines

Study published in Science shows that gut microbes can chew up medications, with serious side effects.

Caitlin McDermott-Murphy | June 19, 2019 | harvard
~9 mins   

Tags: science-technology caitlin-mcdermott-murphy chemistry chemistry-and-chemical-biology emily-balskus fas graduate-school-of-arts-and-sciences gut-bacteria microbiome parkinsons-disease science vayu-maini-rekdal

Researchers propose ‘machine behavior’ field could blend AI, social sciences

Researchers propose a new field of study — “machine behavior” — to look at artificial intelligence through the lens of biology, economics, psychology, and other behavioral and social sciences.

Leah Burrows | June 7, 2019 | harvard
~8 mins   

Tags: science-technology artificial-intelligence behavioral-science david-parkes facebook google harvard harvard-john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences herbert-simon microsoft mit nature san-diego seas social-sciences stanford university-of-california

New findings from Harvard reveal how IBD disrupts gut bacteria

A new study is the first to have observed the complex set of chemical and molecular events that disrupt the microbiome and trigger immune responses during flare-ups of inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD), including Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

Chris Sweeney | May 29, 2019 | harvard
~7 mins   

Tags: health-medicine chris-huttenhower crohns-disease human-microbiome-project ibd inflammatory-bowel-disease jason-lloyd-price ramnik-xavier ulcerative-colitis

Mass. General researchers develop 3-D ‘mini-gut’ model to study response to gluten

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital have created miniature, simplified versions of the intestine in vitro to explore how the gut lining and microbiome respond to gluten in both healthy and celiac patients.

Susie Flaherty | May 9, 2019 | harvard
~4 mins   

Tags: health-medicine alessio-fasano anna-sapone anthony-anselmo celiac-disease gloria-serena gluten laura-ingano mass-general massachusetts-general-hospital mgh mibrc mucosal-immunology-and-biology-research-center murat-cetinbas organoids rachel-freire ruslan-sadreyev stefania-senger

Harvard: Sound transmitted by laser is ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi breakthrough

In a breakthrough on the road toward ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi, Harvard researchers have demonstrated for the first time a laser that can emit microwaves wirelessly, modulate them, and receive external radio frequency signals.

Leah Burrows | April 25, 2019 | harvard
~5 mins   

Tags: science-technology alexey-belyanin benedikt-schwarz christine-a-wang daniel-mcnulty federico-capasso harvard-office-of-technology-development john-a-paulson-school-of-engineering-and-applied-sciences laser-frequency-combs marco-piccardo michael-k-connors michele-tamagnone noah-a-rubin paul-chevalier quantum-cascade-laser-frequency seas wi-fi yongrui-wang

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