14th Army (Wehrmacht)

The 14th Army (German: 14. Armee) was a World War II field army of the German Army.

14th Army
Armee-Oberkommando 14
Active1 August 1939 - 13 October 1939
5 November 1943 – 2 May 1945
Country Nazi Germany
EngagementsWorld War II
Polish campaign
Slovak invasion of Poland
Italian Campaign
Battle of Anzio
Battle of Monte Cassino
Spring Offensive (World War II)
Wilhelm List
AddreviationA.O.K. 14



The 14th Army was activated on 1 August 1939 with General Wilhelm List in command and saw service in Poland until the end of the Polish campaign on 13 October 1939.


The 14th Army was reactivated for the defence of Italy in late 1943 when its headquarters was created using the headquarters personnel of Army Group B which had been abolished when Albert Kesselring was given command of all Axis troops in Italy. 14th Army was initially responsible for the defence of Rome and dealing with any amphibious landings the Allies might make to the rear of the German 10th Army, which was fighting on the defensive lines south of Rome.[1]

The 14th Army faced the Allied amphibious landings at Anzio in January 1944 and after the Allied breakthrough in May 1944 took part in the fighting retreat to the Gothic Line. The German armies in Italy finally surrendered on 2 May 1945 after being defeated during the Allies' Spring offensive.[2]


No. Portrait CommanderTook officeLeft officeTime in office
List, WilhelmGeneraloberst
Wilhelm List
1 August 193913 October 193973 days
Mackensen, EberhardGeneraloberst
Eberhard von Mackensen
5 November 19434 June 1944212 days
Lemelsen, JoachimGeneral der Panzertruppe
Joachim Lemelsen
5 June 194415 October 1944132 days
Etterlin, FridolinGeneral der Panzertruppe
Fridolin von Senger und Etterlin
15 October 194424 October 19449 days
Ziegler, HeinzGeneral der Artillerie
Heinz Ziegler
24 October 194422 November 194429 days
Herr, TraugottGeneral der Panzertruppe
Traugott Herr
24 November 194416 December 194422 days
Tippelskirch, KurtGeneral der Infanterie
Kurt von Tippelskirch
16 December 194417 February 194563 days
Lemelsen, JoachimGeneral der Panzertruppe
Joachim Lemelsen
17 February 19452 May 194574 days

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