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In literature


Works published in English

United Kingdom

United States

  • Paul Allen, Original Poems, Serious and Entertaining[5]
  • St. John Honeywood, Poems by St. John Honeywood ... With Some Pieces in Prose, New York: T. & J. Swords, United States[6]
  • John Blair Linn, The Powers of Genius, popular poem with heroic couplets in three parts[5]
  • Jonathan Mitchell Sewall, Miscellaneous Poems, many of them patriotic and political, including "Profiles of Eminent Men"[5]
  • Isaac Story, A Parnassian Shop, Opened in the Pindaric Stile, by Peter Quince, Esq., satirical verses against the Democratic Republicans, written in the style of "Peter Pindar" (John Wolcot)[5]

Works published in other languages

Indian subcontinent

  • Vinayaka Bhatta, Angreja Candrika, Sanskrit poem on the glory of the British[2]
  • Mal (Jaina poet), Satbandhava Rasa, long, narrative Gujarati-language poem[2]
  • Krishna Kaur Mishra, Sriyanka, Sanskrit epic in 16 cantos about the early history of the Sikhs[2]


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