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Lord Byron

  • July 1417 Lord Byron arrives in London after an absence from England of a little more than two years on his Continental tour.
  • October 16 Byron receives a challenge from the poet Thomas Moore who had been offended by parts of English Bards.
  • November 4 Byron meets Thomas Campbell and Moore at the home of Samuel Rogers, where the company discusses literary topics.

Works published

United Kingdom

United States

  • Hugh Henry Brackenridge, An Epistle to Walter Scott, Pittsburgh: Franklin Head Printing-office[4]
  • William Cullen Bryant, Thanatopsis
  • John Cole, editor, The Minstrel: A Collection of Celebrated Songs Set to Music[5]
  • Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, The Poems and Prose Writings of Sumner Lincoln Fairfield, two volumes, Philadelphia: Printed for the Proprietor[4]
  • Susanna Haswell Rowson, editor, A Present For Young Ladies; Containing Poems, Dialogues, Addresses, &c. &c. &c, As Recited by the Pupils of Mrs. Rowson's Academy, at the Annual Exhibitions, (Boston: Published by John West & Co.[4]
  • Samuel Woodworth, 1785-1842 [1811], Beasts at Law, or Zoologian Jurisprudence; A Poem, Satirical, Allegorical, and Moral, In Three Cantos, Translated from the Arabic of Sampfilius Philoerin, Z. Y. X. W. &c. &c. Whose Fables Have Made So Much Noise in the East, and Whose Fame Has Eclipsed That of Aesop. With Notes and Annotations New York: J. Harmer & Co.[4]



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