1840 Philadelphia mayoral election

The Philadelphia mayoral election of 1840 saw John Swift reelected to office for his eighth overall non-consecutive term.[1]

Philadelphia mayoral election, 1840
Nominee John Swift Henry Horn
Popular vote 6,355 4,820
Percentage 56.87% 43.13%

Mayor before election

John Swift

Elected Mayor

John Swift

This was the first Philadelphia mayoral election in which the mayor wound up being solely elected by the general public.[1] Since Swift received a majority in the general election, the City Council did not select the mayor.[1] Beginning in 1839, the city operated under a mixed electoral system. Citizens voted for mayor in a general election. If a candidate receive a majority of the vote, they would be elected mayor. However, if no candidate received a majority, the City Council would select a mayor from the top-two finishers.[1]