1880 United Kingdom general election

The 1880 United Kingdom general election was a general election in the United Kingdom held from 31 March to 27 April 1880.

1880 United Kingdom general election

 1874 31 March – 27 April 1880 (1880-03-31 1880-04-27)[1] 1885 

All 652 seats in the House of Commons
327 seats needed for a majority
  First party Second party Third party
Leader Marquess of Hartington Earl of Beaconsfield William Shaw
Party Liberal Conservative Home Rule
Leader since January 1875 27 February 1868 May 1879
Leader's seat North East Lancashire House of Lords County Cork
Last election 242 seats, 52.0% 350 seats, 44.3% 60 seats, 3.7%
Seats won 352 237 63
Seat change 110 113 3
Popular vote 1,836,423 1,426,349 95,528
Percentage 54.7% 42.5% 2.8%
Swing 2.7% 1.8% 0.9%

Colours denote the winning party

Prime Minister before election

Earl of Beaconsfield

Prime Minister after the election

William Gladstone

Its intense rhetoric was led by the Midlothian campaign of the Liberals, particularly the fierce oratory of Liberal leader William Gladstone.[2] He vehemently attacked the foreign policy of the government of Benjamin Disraeli, Earl of Beaconsfield, as utterly immoral.

Liberals secured one of their largest-ever majorities, leaving the Conservatives a distant second. As a result of the campaign, the Liberal Commons leader, Lord Hartington (heir presumptive to the Duke of Devonshire) and that in the Lords, Lord Granville, stood back in favour of Gladstone, who thus became Prime Minister a second time. It was the last general election in which any party other than the Conservatives won a majority of the votes (rather than a plurality).