1919 Edmonton municipal election

The 1919 municipal election was held December 8, 1919 to elect a mayor and five aldermen to sit on Edmonton City Council and four trustees to sit on the public school board. T P Malone, Paul Janvrin, T S Magee, and Joseph Henri Picard were acclaimed to two-year terms on the separate school board. In the election's only plebiscite, Edmontonians rejected a proposal to pay their aldermen.

There were ten aldermen on city council, but five of the positions were already filled: Charles Hepburn, Samuel McCoppen, Henri Martin, John McKenzie, and Andrew McLennan were all elected to two-year terms in 1918 and were still in office.

There were seven trustees on the public school board, but three of the positions were already filled: Joseph Duggan, Frank Crang, and William Rea had all been elected to two-year terms in 1918 and were still in office. The same was true on the separate board, where J J Murray, Joseph Driscoll, and Joseph Gariépy were continuing.

Voter turnout

There were 11213 ballots cast out of 15378 eligible voters, for a voter turnout of 72.9%.



Party Candidate Votes  %
     Labour Joseph Clarke 6,509 59.52%
Citizens' CommitteeMatthew Easdale4,42740.48%


Party Candidate Votes Elected
LabourJames Kinney5,513Y
LabourJames East4,847Y
LabourRice Sheppard4,644Y
Citizens' CommitteePercy Abbott4,233SSY
Citizens' CommitteeJohn Bowen4,093SSY
Citizens' CommitteeGeorge H. Scott3,835
     Labour James Findlay 3,775
     Labour J. J. Murray 3,696
Citizens' CommitteeValentine Richards3,524
Citizens' CommitteeCharles Grant3,230
     Independent Charles G. Davidson 2,982
     Independent Joseph Adair 2,356

Public school trustees

Party Candidate Votes
     Labour J. A. McPherson 5,682
     Labour Samuel Barnes 5,669
     Labour J. W. H. Williams 4,099
     Labour Frank Scott 4,012
     Independent Mrs. Howey 3,945
     Independent Henry Douglas 3,944
     Independent Walter Ramsey 3,829
     Independent E. T. Bishop 3,278

Separate (Catholic) school trustees

Party Candidate Votes
     Independent Thomas Malone acclaimed
     Independent Paul Janvrin acclaimed
     Independent T. S. Magee acclaimed
     Independent Joseph Henri Picard acclaimed


Are you in favour of paying each member of the Council the sum
of $10.00 for each meeting of the Council attended by him
during his term of office, and for each Committee meeting so
attended $5.00. Provided that the total sum payable to any
member shall not be greater than $1,000.00 during any year,
nor more than $100.00 during any month.
Votes  %
Yes 4,152 41.84%
No 5,771 58.16%