1919 Romanian general election

General elections were held in Romania between 4 and 8 November 1919.[1] The Romanian National Party, which ran mostly unopposed in Transylvania, emerged as the largest party in Parliament, winning 169 of the 568 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 76 of the 216 seats in the Senate.[2] Though both the Socialist Party and People's League decided to boycott the elections, several of their candidates who had registered before the decision went on to win seats.

1919 Romanian general election

 1918 4–8 November 1919 1920 

All 568 seats to the Chamber of Deputies
All 216 seats in the Senate
  Majority party Minority party Third party
Leader Alexandru Vaida-Voevod Ion I. C. Brătianu Pan Halippa
Leader's seat Cluj County Gorj County Bălți County
Seats won 169 C / 76 S 103 C / 54 S 72 C / 35 S

Prime Minister before election

Artur Văitoianu

Subsequent Prime Minister

Alexandru Vaida-Voevod
Romanian National Party