1920 Romanian general election

General elections were held in Romania between 25 and 27 May 1920.[1] The result was a victory for the governing People's Party, which won 206 of the 366 seats in the Chamber of Deputies and 124 of the 166 seats in the Senate.[2]

1920 Romanian general election

 1919 25–27 May 1920 1922 

All 366 seats to the Chamber of Deputies
All 166 seats in the Senate
  Majority party Minority party
Leader Alexandru Averescu Alexandru Vaida-Voevod
Party PP PNR
Leader's seat Bucharest Cluj County
Seats won 206 C / 124 S 27 C / 14 S
Seat change 199 C / 124 S 142 C / 62 S

Prime Minister before election

Alexandru Vaida-Voevod
Romanian National Party

Subsequent Prime Minister

Alexandru Averescu
People's Party


Party Votes % Chamber Senate
Seats +/– Seats +/–
People's Party206+199124+124
Romanian National Party27–14214–62
National Liberal Party16–871–53
Peasants' Party25–3610–18
Bessarabian Peasants' Party23–496–29
Socialist Party19+123+3
Conservative-Democratic Party17New4New
Democratic Nationalist Party–Iorga10New2New
German Party10New2New
Transylvanian Peasants' Party6+200
Democratic Nationalist Party–Cuza2New0New
Democratic Union Party1–190–7
Other parties40
Invalid/blank votes
Registered voters/turnout
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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