1922 Committee

The 1922 Committee, formally known as the Conservative Private Members' Committee,[2] is the parliamentary group of the Conservative Party in the UK House of Commons. The committee, consisting of all Conservative backbencher MPs, meets weekly while parliament is in session and provides a way for backbenchers to co-ordinate and discuss their views independently of frontbenchers. Its executive membership and officers are by consensus limited to backbench MPs, although since 2010 frontbench Conservative MPs have an open invitation to attend meetings. The committee can also play an important role in choosing the party leader. The group was formed in 1923[3] but became important after 1940. The committee, collectively, represents the frank and unabridged views of the Conservative Party parliamentary rank and file to the party leader, usually also the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom or Leader of the Opposition. Whips are present but their role is limited to announcing future business and reporting questions and complaints to the chief whip.

1922 Committee
Formation1923; 98 years ago (1923)
Sir Graham Brady[1]