1937 Luxembourg political parties referendum

A referendum on the Order law was held in Luxembourg on 6 June 1937.[1] Voters were asked whether they approved of the new law (loi d'ordre), which would ban any political party that sought to change the constitution or national legislation by violence or threats.[2] The law would result in the dissolution of the Communist Party, and became known as the Maulkuerfgesetz ("muzzle law" or loi muselière).[3]

1937 Luxembourg political parties referendum
6 June 1937

Response Votes  %
Yes 70,371 49.32%
No 72,300 50.68%
Valid votes 142,671 92.95%
Invalid or blank votes 10,815 7.05%
Total votes 153,486 100.00%

The proposal was rejected by voters, leading to the resignation of Prime Minister Joseph Bech and his replacement by Pierre Dupong.[3]


The law was proposed by the Party of the Right, which had become increasingly authoritarian during the 1930s.[3] Protests against the law were led by the Labour Party, trade unions and young members of the Radical Liberal Party.[3] Believing he had the support of the majority of the public, Bech agreed to a referendum on the law shortly before it was adopted by the Chamber of Deputies by a vote of 34 to 19.[3]


Choice Votes %
Invalid/blank votes10,815
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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