1945 Luxembourg general election

General elections were held in Luxembourg on 21 October 1945.[1] They were the first elections held after the German occupation during World War II. As a result of the war, the political alliances of the interwar period had been ended. In their place were new parties; the Christian Social People's Party, the Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party, and the Patriotic and Democratic Group in place of the Party of the Right, Socialist Party, and Radical Liberal Party respectively. It is regarded as a realigning election, as the election established the party political order, with four established parties, that would be maintained until 1974.

1945 Luxembourg general election

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51 seats in the Chamber of Deputies
26 seats needed for a majority
Party Leader % Seats
CSV Émile Reuter 41.41 25
LSAP Michel Rasquin 25.97 11
PDG 16.74 9
KPL 13.49 5
PIE Othon Decker 0.64 1
This lists parties that won seats. See the complete results below.
Prime Minister before Prime Minister after
Pierre Dupong
Pierre Dupong

The conservatives remained the dominant faction, and the Christian Social People's Party's leader, Pierre Dupong, was invited to head another government. The election was also a success for both liberal and communist candidates, with both the Patriotic and Democratic Group and the Communist Party gaining four more seats than in the last election before the war.[lower-alpha 1] To restore political stability, Grand Duchess Charlotte asked Dupong to create a more broad-based coalition than the preceding Liberation Government. The resulting National Union Government would embrace all four political parties, and also include the solitary independent, guaranteeing the support of the whole Chamber of Deputies. The government remained in place until 1947.


Christian Social People's Party907,60141.4125
Luxembourg Socialist Workers' Party569,02525.9711
Patriotic and Democratic Group366,86016.749
Communist Party of Luxembourg295,70113.495
Liberal Party36,3211.660
Party of Independents of the East13,9770.641
Schummer Party2,0150.090
Valid votes153,59696.55
Invalid/blank votes5,4873.45
Total votes159,083100.00
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


  1. Although the Patriotic and Democratic Group was a new party, they won four more than their ideological predecessors, the Radical Liberals, had in 1937.


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