1958 Hungarian parliamentary election

Parliamentary elections were held in Hungary on 16 November 1958.[1] They were the first elections held after the Hungarian Revolution of 1956. The Communist Hungarian Working People's Party had been reorganized as the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party, under the leadership of a more moderate Communist, János Kádár. However, as was the case during the era of Mátyás Rákosi, voters were presented with a single list of Communists and pro-Communist independents. The Socialist Workers' Party won 276 of the 338 seats, with the remaining 62 going to independents.[2]

1958 Hungarian parliamentary election

 1953 16 November 1958 1963 

All 338 seats in the National Assembly
  First party Second party
Leader János Kádár
Party MSZMP Independents
Alliance HNF HNF
Leader since 25 October 1956
Seats won 276 62
Seat change 70 30


Party Votes % Seats +/–
Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party6,431,83299.6276+70
Invalid/blank votes33,197
Registered voters/turnout6,600,68698.4
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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