1960 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada held municipal elections on December 5, 1960.

Former mayor Charlotte Whitton returns to the mayoral chair, defeater controller and football player Sam Berger.

Mayor of Ottawa

Candidate Votes %
Charlotte Whitton35,53243.68
Sam Berger33,82541.58
Ernie Jones9,31711.45
Lucien A. Dube2,6753.29


Extension of Franchise
Option Votes %

Sunday Sports
Option Votes %

Ottawa Board of Control

(4 elected)

Candidate Votes %
Lloyd Francis47,736
Don Reid47,376
Paul Tardif (X)41,591
Wilbert Hamilton (X)38,611
Roy Donaldson31,112
Michael Chomyn18,323
Jack May17,817
Joseph Louis Paradis9,059

City council

Map of Ottawa's Wards used in this election
1. By Ward
2. Capital Ward
3. Carleton Ward
4. Dalhousie Ward
5. Elmdale-Victoria Ward
6. Gloucester Ward
7. Queensboro Ward
8. Rideau Ward
9. St. George's Ward
10. Wellington Ward .

(2 elected from each ward)

Gloucester Ward
Candidate Votes %
Murray Heit (X)4,474
Pat Doherty3,748
Alex Roger (X)3,463
Don Kay3,126
Charles Kruger2,239
Cameron Weagant1,917
Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jessen Wentzell3,655
Ellen Webber3,464
Cecil Duncan2,460
Robert Thomas1,865
Zenon Sametz1,682
Ralph Boone1,028
Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
Claude Bennett6,404
Don Armstrong (X)4,882
Noel Ogilvie2,715
Hugh Bell1,475
Elmer Fairfield749
Carleton Ward
Candidate Votes %
Howard Henry (X)8,795
Frank Boyce5,777
Margaret Hamilton4,756
Robert Fauknen4,411
Queensboro Ward
Candidate Votes %
Kenneth Fogarty6,079
Ken Workman (X)5,899
Allan Kemmis2,486
Dorothy Flaherty2,240
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
James McAuley (X)4,451
Charles Parker (X)3,546
Rudy Capogreco2,119
Elmdale-Victoria Ward
Candidate Votes %
Rolly Wall (X)4,696
Bruce Harvey3,100
Jack Norris2,750
Ferdinand Clement813
Moise Robillard467
By Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jules Morin (X)3,601
Clem Aubin (X)2,425
Lucien Vincent1,946
St. George's Ward
Candidate Votes %
Charlie St. Germain (X)4,733
Cecile O'Regan3,025
Sam McLean1,987
Donald Prot918
Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
Bob Simpson3,392
Lionel O'Connor (X)2,139
Gertrude Douglas1,726
Gib Caldwell1,471
George Taylor881
Robert Robinson820
James Beauchamp695
W. T. Lewis545


  • Ottawa Journal, December 6, 1960