1965 NFL Draft

The 1965 National Football League draft was held at the Summit Hotel in New York City on Saturday, November 28, 1964.[2][3][4] The first player selected was Tucker Frederickson, back from Auburn, by the New York Giants.[5]

1965 NFL Draft
General information
Date(s)November 28, 1964
Time9:00 am EST[1]
LocationSummit Hotel
in New York City
280 total selections in 20 rounds
First selectionTucker Frederickson, RB
New York Giants
Mr. IrrelevantGeorge Haffner, QB
Baltimore Colts
Most selections (25)Green Bay Packers
Fewest selections (14)Washington Redskins
Hall of Famers5

The draft was marked by the failure of the St. Louis Cardinals to sign quarterback Joe Namath of Alabama, who went with the New York Jets of the American Football League.[2] The AFL draft was held the same day.

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