1969 Romanian legislative election

Parliamentary elections were held in Romania on 2 March 1969.[1] The Front of Socialist Unity, which had been formed a year earlier to replace the People's Democratic Front, was the only organization that contested the election;[2] no prospective candidate could run for office without the Front's approval.[3] Like the People's Democratic Front, the Front of Socialist Unity was dominated by the Romanian Communist Party.[2][3] The Front won all 465 seats in the Great National Assembly.[4]

1969 Romanian legislative election

 1965 2 March 1969 1975 

All 465 seats in the Great National Assembly
  Majority party
Leader Nicolae Ceaușescu
Party PCR
Alliance Front of Socialist Unity
Seats won 465
Seat change 0
Popular vote 13,543,499

Prime Minister before election

Ion Gheorghe Maurer

Elected Prime Minister

Ion Gheorghe Maurer

Electoral system

These were the first elections held under the 1965 constitution. Candidates were elected in single member constituencies, and had to receive over 50% of the vote.[5] If no candidate passed this threshold, or if voter turnout in the constituency was less than 50%, re-runs were held until the requirements were met.[5] Voters had the option of voting against the Front candidates.[2]


Party Votes % Seats
Front of Socialist Unity13,543,49999.8465
Invalid/blank votes2,896
Registered voters/turnout13,582,249100
Source: Nohlen & Stöver


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