1970 Scottish local elections

Local elections were held in Scotland in May 1970, as part of that years wider British local elections.

The municipal elections, held on 5 May, saw Labour making large gains from the Conservatives, SNP, and Liberals. In Glasgow, the Labour surge denied the Progressive-Conservative alliance of their recently won control. Across Scotland the election saw Labour gaining at the expense of the SNP, with Labour managing to win back voters who had crossed over to the SNP in previous years.[1]

County elections were held the following week, on 13 May, and also saw Labour making further gains at the expense of the SNP.[2]

Municipal Elections Aggregate Results

Scottish Municipal Elections, 1970
Party Seats Gains Losses Net gain/loss Seats % Votes % Votes +/−
  Labour 70 15 55
  Conservative 5 13 8
  SNP 3 25 22
  Liberal 4 4
  Progressives 3 11 8
  Communist 0 1 1
  Other parties 15 27 12

County Breakdown

Council Labour Conservative SNP Liberal Independent Other Turnout Total Seats Contested Control
Aberdeenshire Independent Details
Angus Independent Details
Ayrshire Labour Details
Banffshire Independent Details
Berwickshire Independent Details
Bute Independent Details
Caithness Independent Details
Dumfriesshire Independent Details
Fife No overall control Details
Lanarkshire Labour Details
Midlothian No overall control Details
Renfrewshire Independent Details
Roxburghshire Independent Details
Selkirkshire Independent Details
Stirlingshire 5 No overall control Details
West Lothian Labour Details
Total 25 14 19



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