1972–73 Texaco Cup

The 1972–73 Texaco Cup was the third edition of the tournament sponsored by Texaco. It was won by Ipswich Town, who beat Norwich City in a two-legged final by 4–2 on aggregate.[1][2]

1972–73 Texaco Cup
Country England &  Scotland
ChampionsIpswich Town
Runners-upNorwich City

First round 1st leg

Home team Result Away team Date
Coventry City3–3Motherwell12 September 1972
Ipswich Town4–2St Johnstone12 September 1972
Wolverhampton Wanderers5–1Kilmarnock12 September 1972
Ayr United0–0Newcastle United13 September 1972
Dundee2–1Norwich City13 September 1972
Hearts1–0Crystal Palace13 September 1972
Leicester City1–1Dundee United13 September 1972
Sheffield United1–1West Bromwich Albion19 September 1972

First round 2nd leg

Home team Result Away team Date
Crystal Palace0–1Hearts26 September 1972
Kilmarnock0–0Wolverhampton Wanderers26 September 1972
West Bromwich Albion1–0Sheffield United26 September 1972
Dundee United2–2Leicester City27 September 1972
Motherwell1–0Coventry City27 September 1972
Newcastle United2–0Ayr United27 September 1972
Norwich City2–0Dundee27 September 1972
St Johnstone0–2Ipswich Town27 September 1972

Quarter-finals 1st leg

Home team Result Away team Date
Hearts0–0Motherwell16 October 1972
Ipswich Town2–1Wolverhampton Wanderers24 October 1972
Leicester City2–0Norwich City24 October 1972
West Bromwich Albion2–1Newcastle United25 October 1972

Quarter-finals 2nd leg

Home team Result Away team Date
Wolverhampton Wanderers0–1Ipswich Town7 November 1972
Motherwell4–2Hearts8 November 1972
Newcastle United3–1West Bromwich Albion8 November 1972
Norwich City2–0Leicester City8 November 1972

Semi-finals 1st leg

Home team Result Away team Date
Newcastle United1–1Ipswich Town14 March 1973
Norwich City2–0Motherwell14 March 1973

Semi-finals 2nd leg

Home team Result Away team Date
Motherwell3–2Norwich City21 March 1973
Ipswich Town1–0Newcastle United10 April 1973

Final 1st leg

Final 2nd leg

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