1972 Ottawa municipal election

The city of Ottawa, Canada held municipal elections on December 4, 1972.

Controller Pierre Benoit is easily elected without significant opposition. Ottawa's city council is divided in two, as this marks the first election where only one alderman is elected from each ward, as opposed to two.

Mayor of Ottawa

Candidate Votes %
Pierre Benoit57,63490.26
Alphonse Frederick Lapointe2,5203.52
Oscar Orenstein2,0953.28
Jack Ridout1,6022.51

Ottawa Board of Control

(4 elected)

Candidate Votes %
Lorry Greenberg (X)40,438
Garry Guzzo (X)30,357
Tom McDougall (X)30,267
Ernie Jones (X)24,721
Charlie St. Germain23,702
Eileen Scotton20,027
Byron Hyde16,599
Sam McLean6,853
Joseph Louis Paradis5,167
Brian Bourns3,856

City council

Map of Ottawa's Wards used in this election
1. Alta Vista Ward
2. Britannia Ward
3. By-St. George's Ward
4. Capital Ward
5. Carleton Ward
6. Dalhousie Ward
7. Elmdale-Victoria Ward
8. Gloucester Ward
9. Queensboro Ward
10. Rideau Ward
11. Wellington Ward .
Alta Vista Ward
Candidate Votes %
Don Kay (X) Acclaimed
Gloucester Ward
Candidate Votes %
Joe Quinn (X)4,803
William Mason1,176
Britannia Ward
Candidate Votes %
Marion Dewar1,367
Sandy Boyce862
Brian McNally714
Mike McMullen566
Ken Creppin452
Charles Strang384
Suzanne Saunders199
Richard MacDonald198
Gerald Cammy197
Gary Hugh19
Rideau Ward
Candidate Votes[1] %
Rhéal Robert (X)3,218*
Des Bender (X)3,192*
Bob Edwards350

*Official results published on December 7. A recount held on December 27 indicated Robert had only won by 12 votes.[2]

Capital Ward
Candidate Votes %
Don Lockhart1,652
Ron Wood1,206
Ian Kimmerly1,692
Randal Marlin1,066
Claude Burchill821
Ed Henry517
Leo Morency273
Tad Pachulski153
Carleton Ward
Candidate Votes %
Bill Law (X)4,373
Ken Read1,310
Queensboro Ward
Candidate Votes %
Ed Mulkins (X)2,422
Len Trudel1,718
Eleanor Parmelee987
Grant Johnston369
Douglas Brown252
George Ayoub134
Dalhousie Ward
Candidate Votes %
Gale Kerwin (X)1,618
Rudy Capogreco (X)1,368
Kitty Duggan236
Gerald Tremblay169
Elmdale-Victoria Ward
Candidate Votes %
Walter Ryan (X)2,511
Keith Hearn1,980
Pat Nicol1,403
By-St. George's Ward
Candidate Votes %
Jules Morin (X)2,383
Georges Bedard1,479
Gerard Levesque1,209
Bernard Wood1,175
Wellington Ward
Candidate Votes %
Joe Cassey1,516
Matt McGrath (X)1,110
Jim Robinson1,083
Les Jones481


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