1973 Greek republic referendum

A constitutional referendum was held in Greece on 29 July 1973.[1] The amendments would confirm the abolition (on 1 June) of the monarchy by the military junta and establish a republic. The proposal was approved by 78.6% of voters with a turnout of 75.0%.[2] This initiated the first period of the Metapolitefsi.

1973 Greek republic referendum
29 July 1973

Response Votes  %
Yes 3,843,318 78.57%
No 1,048,308 21.43%
Valid votes 4,891,626 98.70%
Invalid or blank votes 64,293 1.30%
Total votes 4,955,919 100.00%
Registered voters/turnout 6,610,094 74.98%
Illuminated "YES" sign on Mount Lycabettus, installed by the junta as part of its all-pervasive "YES" campaign before the referendum