1977 Australian plebiscite (National Song)

As an additional question in the 1977 referendum, the voters were polled on which song they would prefer to be played as the de facto national anthem (in place of "God Save the Queen"). Voting on this question was not compulsory. This was the third plebiscite to be held in Australia, following two regarding military service in 1916 and 1917.[1] The winner, "Advance Australia Fair", was later formally declared the Australian anthem in 1984.

Australian national anthem plebiscite, 1977
21 May 1977

Map of results by state. Blue indicates a state voted for Advance Australia Fair, yellow for Song of Australia, and red for Waltzing Matilda
"Advance Australia Fair"
"Waltzing Matilda"
"God Save the Queen"
"Song of Australia"

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